Tuesday, April 03, 2007


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Manny said...

This is the sexiest black eye I've ever seen.

Thanks for the link babe, but I need to tell you. I don't know how to link. I always have to ask for help. My helper is a little down right now, but when she's back up, I ask her to help.

BTW, You are cool. :)

Big Pissy said...

Love that photo~stunning!

I would be happy for you to link me..thanks! I'll do the same for you! :)

I see that you're a Cirque fan...I am too! I'm considering going to see "Delirium" in June in Atlanta. Have you seen it?

Mermaid said...

Hey E. just stopping by to say, love your pic, there's my next disguise ......

Lee Ann said...

I agree...this photo is great! Very striking!
....now, about that tandum bungee jumping!!!! ;)

anonymouse said...

http://www.deviantart.com/ is another place to find wonderful pictures like this one. BTW thanks for taking the time to read some of the stuff on my site.

~d said...

Yea, I love the pic, too!
Real nice!
(is it YOURS?)

Jules said...

It's pretty spectacular, yes! But I think it would look better with red lipstick.

~d said...

thought of you

EBEZP said...

So I'm not the only one to like this pic then!

Manny I hadnt really thought about it as a black eye but now you mention it! No worries over the link - at least I can get to you!
you're pretty cool yourself!

Hi big pissy, It is stunning isnt it?
Yeah Cirque are bloody amazing! We were in Las Vegas for all 5 of their residential shows in February! Delirium is not one of their touring shows it's a parallel show featuring different acts and concentrating a lot on the music and is only on tour in North America so I haven't seen it but it is good, allegedly! What shows of theirs have you seen?
May do a post on them soon because I'd love to know how many people actually like them!
BTW when is your birthday, we might be nearly twins!

Oh Mermaid, hello! You're welcome to it! Don't tell me you're fed up with your flashy bee?

Lee ann. Well I've only bungee jumped twice and it's high time I did it again! So where shall we do it?! Trouble is midway is a point in the middle of the Atlantic!

Hello anonymouse, nice to see you over here you are welcome! I'll check that site out later and may borrow one or two to post!
I'll be back to yours later too!

~d with the best will in the world I would not be able to concentrate long enough to take a photo like that myself! It's just tooooo sexy!
Thank you for thinking of me. Wrong spelling but when I google my self - what you don't google yourself? - it usually asks me if I mean wilco news so they must think of me a swell!

Jules hi, don't agree! Unless of course it also has sexy glasses and is lying in a liquid with excess bubble bath!! Take care.

Ice said...

Wow, I likey too~!

Great find, my friend :)

I have some pretty amazing fighter jets breaking sound barrier pics up.

Stop on by!!!

Miss ya, where ya been?
Busy pretending to work, while they pretend to pay?

jillie said...

That is just awesome! I keep staring at it. That would make for a really cool Halloween costume if you were to be a bird or something. Hmmm...I may have to save that one and think of what I could do with that for this years costume.

It's very sexy!! Booyaa!

EBEZP said...

Why thank you Ice!
I'll be over to yours soon. Not quite as simple as pretending to work - hospital visiting but all ok!

Hi Jillie It is very sexy too sexy for Halloween! Scary and sexy, mind you now you've got me going!

Jules said...

how come everyone thinks my glasses are sexy? bubble baths are my fave!

EBEZP said...

Because they are jules be told! Repeat after me - my glasses are sexy, my glasses are sexy......!!!!