Thursday, April 19, 2007

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Ice said...

LOL, thats good!

How are things?

Big Pissy said...


I live Pepsi better than Coke myself! ;-)

Lee Ann said...

hahah...I like that one.

Oh, that poor guy on the side bar is beating up his bloody head!!!!

Always on the Move said...

OH NO Eb...I cannot belive that you just posted a Pepsi post on here. :op LOL!!!! I only drink Pepsi if I have too! Good for him, I'm happy that he tested postive for coke!!!! Hahahaha!!!! I'm drinking some now!!! That means that I would also test positive, wouldn't it? :oP
Hope all is going well!
THANKS For the EMAIL, of course I LOVED it!!!!
Can't wait for the REAL Thing!!! LOL! J/K!!!!

Jules said...

Well who can blame him!??! Sexy butt crack, by the way, hey?

EBEZP said...

Hi Ice I'm fine thanks for asking and visiting

Big pissy so you wouldn't test positive for coke then

Hello Lee ann glad you like my little psycho blogger!! Nice to see you

Ah Kim I'm sorry but as you know I would test + for Coke every time as well. If it hadn't been for your coke post well what can I say....LOADSAHUGSBACK!!

Jules it's a cartoon!!! You ok not seen you round. Nice to see you as ever!!

tkkerouac said...

lol, love the butt crack!

EBEZP said...

Oh not you as well Tracey - it's a cartoon!!