Sunday, April 22, 2007


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jillie said...

Hey...that looks like ME....NOT! I wish....hahahahahahahahaha!

~d said...

See, another nice side view of a breast. I do not like the tan lines, however.
**Jillie, is this you?!

jillie said... are my new best friend!!!

ebezp since she's in a tunnel, is that what they call thinking outside of the box??

Ice said...


I'm seeing a hint of tattoo on the back of her neck... I'm debating getting another tatt on the back of my neck, myself.
Something I design. Not too big.
When my hairs down(90%)of the time you wouldn't see it... only when the hair is up.

tkkerouac said...

creative shot, love these ones.

Pixie said...

Just looks like a naked woman in a sewer pipe to me, but then perhaps I lack imagination....


cathy said...

I like this a lot, I wasn't too keen on the box though it reminded me of that horrible film.

looking at it again I've only just noticed that she must be quite tall. Very nice pic.

EBEZP said...

Jillie I thought it could have been you too! Nice 1.

~d your crazy. Tan lines? I didn't notice!

Jillie no it's tunnel vision!

Hi Ice, it's a lovely pic isn't it? Becoming a popular place for tats isn't it? Ta for the visit.

Very tasteful Tracey you can have it if you want!! Permission before you ask that's better isn't it? As ever thanks for the visit.

Pixie - How could you?

Yes cathy she does seem quite tall or it's a very narrow tunnel.

Lee Ann said...

Ahhh...tunnel vision isn't so bad, is it?

EBEZP said...

Certainly has its advantages BG, thanks for the visit.

Ice said...


EBEZP said...

That comment says so much Ice!