Thursday, April 12, 2007




Pixie said...

Hi Simon :)
Nice to meet you!

~d said...

Nice to reveal the real you (sometimes, huh?)

Pleasure to meet you!
I am ~d.

Lee Ann said...

haha....I got brave and clicked it!
But since I am at work, the link was blocked! haha
Will be back later!
Have a great day.

tkkerouac said...

Wow, please to meet you Simon. You've take off the mask. Good for you, ox

Ice said...

YAY!!! Hi Simon :)

Nice to put a face and name to your avatar and nic... Very nice picture and would you mind if I referred to you as Simon now, or still prefer EB?

Oh, by the way... since you seen a pic of me you are aware of what I look like but my name is Courtney :) Not many know that... I breifly had my name under the pic but decided to take it down and tell only who asked.... of course I'm volunteering it with yourself :)

Your pic Scary? I think not.


Andy Looney said...


You're an old geezer!

And here I thought you were a young lad like myself.

Rebecca said...

nice to meet you look just like i more...taller...younger....but just like I pictured

Ice said...

lol Andy...

Andy and his always cheerful and always witty self.

He's a Gem, Simon... a real pleasure to have roaming your blog.

Lee Ann said...


So nice to meet you! Have a wonderful evening!

Andy Looney said...

Thank you for saying that, Princess.

It's nice to be popular but it's hell to be the rage.

Jules said...

And there you are!!! Of course, I was one of the lucky ones who'd seen you prior, but here's my standing ovation!!! Welcome to blogland! ((HUGS))

Andy Looney said...

I'd post my picture if I knew how but I don't hold with all these newfangled inventions like radio and iceboxes.

Suffice to say I look like Jay Manuel would look if he were a little more particular about his makeup.

EBEZP said...

First of all - stupid I know but I was shitting it - a technical expression you understand - about taking the mask off but there really was no need. You're all such good liars! But thank you all the same!

Hi Pixie, lovely to see you I'm calmer now there's a brit here! It would have been typical if you had said, oh that Simon I saw you in Chester five years ago and you pinched my bum - I didn't did I?

No ~d the pleasure is all mine, believe me. Tootsie hey!!

Thanks tk means a lot - if you'd worn a mask I don't think I'd be around these quarters you know? Ta for everything.

Ice (now there's a coincedence you two being together) I have to say the same more or less to you as to Tracey. You've looked after me from when you had Courtney up as your name! Ice you can call me at two in the morning if you like(!) whatever you want it's fine. Your visits and comments mean so much. Thank you!

Thank you Andy! I must have looked at your profile upside down or something I could swear it said 36!
The visits and the comments are very welcome!

Becca you're so sweet if you'd kept going I'd be absolutely ideal! Thanks!

Thanks for dragging him over Ice but I think we've met before?!

I hope the wait was worth it lee ann! The worst thing that could possibly happen in blogland would be for your avatar to be a mask!! Thanks a lot, the visits and the comments are invaluable!

Andy I'm sorry but you are all the rage!

Well I wasn't going to reveal that you knew what I looked like but there we go!! Thanks for the visits and the comments, the standing ovation and the hugs oh and everything. No really!

Well I'm afraid you have to now it's that simple! If I can do it then......

Patience lee ann, patience. People will be talking and it will be great!

Pixie said...

LOL, No I can assure you I have never had my bum pinched in Chester city center ;)