Tuesday, April 17, 2007


She is absolutely adorable don't you think - well I do!


Lee Ann said...

OMG! She is precious! I used to have a white siberian husky that had one brown eye and one blue eye. Her name was Crystal.

She is adorable too! ;)

EBEZP said...
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jillie said...

Just look at that face! How can you NOT fall in love her...

Rebecca said...

awww what a cutie

Ice said...

Oh.... too cute! I saw one of these for the first time last year. They are totally cute and unique.
This pups super cute :)

tkkerouac said...

Gorgeous, kissable!

EBEZP said...

Hey lee ann now she is adorable isn't she? I'd love to have seen Crystal the wall eye makes them look even cuter.

Yeah jillie well lovable.

Cute for an Aussie hey becca!

Yeah Ice there's some gorgeous pups on that site!

Always on the Move said...

If you Buy one of these puppies...I'll move to England! How's that?
He's just sooooo cute!!! I was hoping that he was a picture of your dog...but he wasn't. But he's still REALLY cute and sweet!!!! I just want to cuddle with him!!!!
Awe....I want that puppy!!!!!

EBEZP said...

So Kim I'll let you know when the puppy arrives and send for you ok?
What a brilliant post that would make for both our blogs hey??
For a moment there I nearly rang the Aussie kennel club........I still could!
Make do for the mo with 12 pics that I've just E mailed you.
Thank you for making an old man very happy - momentarily!!!

~d said...

(cute pup...you got a puppy?)