Sunday, April 01, 2007

.....and there's more!


cathy said...

I know what it felt like BUZZIN'!
As to my scouse comment, do you support Man United or Bolton Wanderers:)

EBEZP said...

Yeah absolutely buzzin cathy. Though I think I got photographers elbow or something - couldn't believe it said - card full - even after the editing, delete on computer I had 409 pics!
As a scouser I'm not really likely to support either of them now am I?
Liverpool or Everton maybe?!
BTW it's Liverpool!

Ice said...

I like the Easter Bunny one :)

jillie said...

Love the Easter Bunny and the bike with all the eggs. How cute and creative.

At Christmas time we join another group and do the Toys for Tot's in Tijuana, Mexico. Those kids look forward to it every year and they SWARM the bikes as they pull onto Revolution Blvd. You can never just bring one toy...I've learned so I strap a bag full and let them go for it. Very rewarding.

Thanks for the great pictures...

EBEZP said...

Ice, I knew you'd like that one!

Jillie - you too hey? That Christmas one sounds so cool, love to take some pics of that. You wouldn't believe some of the shit pics I took though! I may post them one day, half a wheel, a bit of an arm, blank road etc!!
Thanks for the comment much appreciated.

Manny said...

This is so cool. Even the meanest of bikers take the time to raise money and toys.

I just love watching the mean looking bikers here doing the "Toys for Tots" ride. They are awsome. And if any of them are reading this...Thank you!

EBEZP said...

Funny that manny because sexy looking biker chicks don't appear to be that charitable either until an event like this or your toys for tots ride.
So a big big thanks from all here to everyone that takes part in bike rides for charity hey?!