Sunday, April 01, 2007


Yes today was the annual egg run and approximately 7,500 bikes travelled the 15 miles from the one end of the Wirral peninsula to Clatterbridge Hospital all armed with Easter 'goodies', not just eggs it has to be said. They collect eggs, 'goodies' and money on the way and the whole lot is left for all the children in both the major Wirral hospitals. All the surplus is donated to the
Jelly Bean Appeal which looks after all the children in hospital from the special care baby unit to the hospice for the terminally ill children.

It was absolutely fantastic - there were BIG bikes and little bikes, three wheelers and Quads riders of all shapes and sizes wearing all different vaguely Easter related gear all carrying at least one egg but most with lots lots more besides!

If I could have done I would have captured the atmosphere in a bottle for you all! As it is you will have to forgive some of the pics because I'm not in to bikes in that way! So if you wanted a pure picture I suggest maybe you try Google images!

Of course it's a wee bit limiting here in blogland to show even just a few pics but there are a few here - if you want them for any other purpose(!) you are welcome and if you want me to E mail you these or others just E mail me Ok? Don't forget to leave your blog/blogger name.

If it's all touched you deeply then to donate to the Jelly Bean Appeal please click here.

I must just say that the traffic division of Merseyside Police volunteer their weekend enhancements to the appeal and volunteer to do this duty. It could not be done without their help and cooperation. Anyway they love doing it!

Little bikes and Big bikes

What is he wearing?

One of many many bunnies travelling as pillion passengers.

Three Wheelers - Trikes, Yes and Quads!

Just loads and loads of bikes.

They took over an hour to pass this point at the end of the High Street!


Erin O'Brien said...

Vroom vroom and jelly beans ... What could be better?


G-Man said...

Hey EB, That looked like fun..You have a Bike?
I got a 2001 Harley-Davidson Road-King..
But I like Bikes of all kinds..And I love riding for a good cause..

EBEZP said...

Hi Erin, welcome! Thanks for coming over. Did you have jelly beans on your birthday?

Hi G no I don't have a bike but I have a friend who has an XV750 and on the back of that I've never had so much fun shitting myself!!
The egg run today is great and for such a good cause and always when the fair weather bikers dust down their leathers after the winter!

josh williams said...

Found your throgh ~d
I approve although

josh williams said...

Found your through ~d
the comment page will
not open full page so
I have to write in short.
Nice post, I'll visit
again when blogger is
behaving. Thanks JWW

MONA said...

hi..Those bikes seem fun.
In India they ask for bikes as dowry from the poor father of the bride...It is Sad that Bikes shud be associated with something so Evil here. :(

Ice said...

Sweet, my dad used to do 'bike runs' for charity too... Not sure there was EVER 7,500 though! That's massive!

I remember once though when I was in highschool he had a meeting at our house for a group he used to be in called "HOG"(Harley Owners Group) and our street was lined both sides of the road with, oh geez... had to be 400 bikes... and of course the backyard was littered with people!

Wonder what the neighbours thought when they all pulled in and out... 400 Harleys are pretty frig'n LOUD!

Good pics, EB.

Big Pissy said...

Those are cool pictures!

I want a quad! ;-)

jillie said...

What a great cause. I'm always for anything with the kids. We participate in The Children's Hospital run every year. Although it's not nearly as many people (I WISH!!). I bet the sound of it was amazing....


I love riding.

Pixie said...

Apparently Quads are called ATV's over here, I mentioned a quad bike to my hubby and he didn't have a clue what I was going on about...but then sometimes I don't have a clue what I am going on about either...

tkkerouac said...

Love how you've grown, this is fun! I've finally linked you, ox

Crabby said...

Aw. That's cool to do that for the kiddos. Fun too, I'm betting.

I'm personally never allowed on another motorcycle after that unfortunate incident at the trails. I can't believe all those big burly, hairy, guys were afraid to come near me. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha!
I kept saying..."Ah come on, guys. I have it under control now, honest."

Rebecca said...

we have a rally here in the summer. It's too bad its just for fun. With the number of people that come to town for it it would be nice if someone did something for charity

EBEZP said...

Hi to you josh, welcome and thanks for the visit and the comment. I'll be over to yours later!

Mona - all this was for charity so just maybe it's not all bad! New avatar is hot!

Yeah Ice most ever this year started with less than 1000 in 1990 with just one bike club taking part, it's grown and grown. They do one at christmas as well but somehow that one is never so big!

Thanks for viewing them big pissy. What on earth would you do with a quad?!

Thanks Pixie I found that out but Quad is far more imaginative isn't it? ATV used to be a television channel over here do you remember? Oh shit you're probably too young!

EBEZP said...

Hi jillie. Yeah it was loud but to see them all there was so much colour and excitement... a real big wow!
I think you might have spelt VARRROOOOOOOOOOOMMM wrong!!!!

Hi Crabby, yeah amazing that it is all for charity and all the kids in hospital benefit. Maybe it's a good job that this one isn't all hairy assed, burly men hey?!

tk thanks for the link.
Your comment means a lot. I've clung on to your coat tails a bit and I appreciate that but it's still growing and yes the whole thing is still fun. Thanks.

EBEZP said...

Hi Rebecca - yeah it's great to see a pile of bikes especially when they are doing it for good causes. Thanks for the visit and somehow you're comment wasn't there and then it was. Sorry!

Big Pissy said...

Heh! If I had a quad (which sounds WAY better than ATV)~I'd ride it~of course! Out in the country somewhere....I have friends who have land where they ride theirs..they call it "4 wheeling" or something like that... ;-)

Lee Ann said...

Is that a bunny in the pink outfit? How fun!!!!

EBEZP said...

Oh big pissy we should save up for one and share it 6 months over here and 6 months over there! I wish!

Lee ann Yes it is a bunny! Great fun, just watching and taking the pics.

twolf1920 said...

As a Cyclist, I thank you EBEZP! Now that it just snowed, I thankfully live vicariously through your blog!

EBEZP said...

Nice to see you twolf. No thank you for visiting!