Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The oldest building on Merseyside

Carrying on with the theme of my own photographs, we've looked very briefly at the 'local' sea! So we move on to history!
These are just a few that I've taken at one of our sites. The Priory, Birkenhead, part of which dates back to the 12th century and the oldest building on Merseyside. Less than half a mile from where I work and just five miles from where I live!!
To think that monks probably, no definitely looked through those very windows, they wouldn't of seen a crane though but I like photies that show contrast and that one does!


jillie said...

I love the black and whites. I am thinking that I am going to have to try to get some while I am in England and Ireland. They are just so much more dramatic! I am really looking forward to seeing your part of the world. My first time! I want to find a haunted castle....

Yeah, I know, I'm strange ;o)

Rebecca said...

I love subject in high school...can't seem to remember any of it..Thinking I should start looking into the history in my home town...It's named Fort Edward..A fort named after a man named Edward...go to some research to do..

Love the pictures. Your really have a talent for it.

Ice said...


I remember all the castles in England...I can't wait to go back, its absolutely gorgeous.

Great pics, EB :)

Andy Looney said...

See what I meant about hiring a proper bricklayer?

You don't want your building falling down after a mere 900 years.

Lee Ann said...

Really beautiful.
That is something that would even be more amazing right in front of you!
Thank you for sharing.

Jules said...

That's beautiful!!!!

tkkerouac said...

These are the hisorical pic's that make me want to come search out my roots, thanks for taking me there Simon.

EBEZP said...

Jillie are you just going to London or anywhere else in England, E mail me with dates etc when you can! Ta!
Black and white is good but this building just lends itself to any format. Thanks for the visit and the comments.

Thanks ever so much becca. History's good to be in to and so interesting, mind you we've got a couple of hundred years on you haven't we?

Thanks Ice we've certainly got some pretty cool buildings over here.

So right Andy your shoddy workmanship will always catch up on you after about 500 years! Thanks for the visit.

I'd share the world with you lee ann if I could! Yeah there are some wonderful pic opps everywhere.
Thanks BG

What can I say I just took the photies but thanks Jules!