Friday, April 13, 2007

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Manny said...

I love to shoot pool, but even I have never worn anything like that.

Turn around and let me be the judge.

I was cheated on once. I dunno if they ever found the body and I wasn't too worried about the car. I'm sure the fenders were put to good use. LOL

Lee Ann said...

All I can say about the 2nd to last one is OWIE on my knees!

Jules said...

Sex in the middle of a hugely busy highway. Hmmmm, can we say thrill seekers?! Looks kindof fun though! ;OP

~d said...

TOTALLY LOVE the 2nd one, although...I CAN have quite a bit of anger in me, I would never resort to that b/c I am fearful of the whole karma thing.
her pantie tag showing bothers me.

NOTHING like a good rock show!

G'nite! the article for the last pic

Rebecca said...

I would share stories of my younger days but someone would call me a tramp....I wasn't seeking adventure I was drunk....don't drink much anymore..hee hee

cathy said...

I've never met a tramp, but those prissy frigid bitches get right on my nerves.
That guy doesn't look like he,s concentrating on his game.

Lee Ann said...

Good morning most AM!!!!
Have a great Friday and a great weekend!

jillie said...

Well if that picture doesn't give a guy the small penis syndrome nothing will...just hope it's air conditioned as well...EWWWW!!!!

Hey chap..I'm coming over to YOUR neck of the woods in a month...cheerio!

tkkerouac said...

You ok? haven't seen you.
Can you give me your honest opinion on my thought about posting on Wed. Its under my last dirty post from Scott.

Always on the Move said...

Ummmmm, I'd just hate to be the owner of that car...especially if it was your ONLY car and if you had no $$$$ to fix it. Double Yikes....hopefully it taught them a huge lesson. YIKES!!!!
All those pictures are huge YIKERS!!!!
Sex in the highway...must've been a VERY long wait, and not very hot that day or something...I dunno. I would NEVER be that brave. I wish, but I just wouldn't be!!! LOL!

EBEZP said...

Hi manny not sure whether I'm glad or sorry that you've never played pool like that! I don't think cheating on you is such a good idea then!
As to the top pic, hang on a sec or two I've only just taken my mask off - don't even go there....Thanks for the visit and comments.

Hi lee ann I'm learning a lot about you right about now aren't I?! Good effort lol! Oh and thanks for the visit!

Ditto Jules, you thrill seeking cutey! Thanks for the visit.

~d so it's safer cheating on you then. Thanks for the visit and the extra's!

Ok rebecca thanks for the visit and the comment.

Hi cathy. I think maybe they are both playing a different game altogether? Thanks for popping by!

Lee ann again. Back to the highway! Thank you you do say the nicest things and a good one to you as well

jillie how can you just come and talk about size, then say you're visiting, we must talk! Not about size hey? Lovely to see you as ever!

Hi tk, I'll be over shortly all sorts of computer probs etc, thanks for the visit.

Hey it's Kim everybody! Hang on a sec are you saying then that pic one he has a huge YIKER?!
Sex on the highway - it's got you thinking though hasn't it? Could always start on a smaller less busy road and build up couldn't you! Lovely to see you and thanks for the hugs!!

Always on the Move said...

LOL....Ummm no. That top's a wee bit too small. And all I have to say is it's a GREAT thing that I saw your picture before hand, cause I'd be afraid that maybe that picture was of you??? LOL! Nah, I'm just kidding!!!!
Yeah, maybe a smaller road would be much, much better....I agree!!!!
You're always welcome for the hugs!

EBEZP said...

Just as long as you're happy Kim!