Friday, April 27, 2007

MY 800th POST!

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~d said...

No fair. Pic doesn't enlarge enuf!
take THIS! or, or this...
or a sweet teddy bear

(happy Friday, ebezp! )

Andy Looney said...

Is it in a square by itself or is it stuck up one of the arses?

Andy Looney said...

Sorry Simon, I failed to notice that this is your 8000th post. Congratulations.

I recently had my 50th bag of Remicade (but who's counting?)

Ice said...

LOL... I couldn't find it... :)

Sugar Smacks said...


I'm too busy looking at bums to find damn apricots.

jillie said...

Man would I feel like an "ass" if I get it

Rebecca said...

I give up.....can't find it....look in every nock and crany..

Ice said...

I just noticed it was your 800th post... fuckin' hell, thats a lot.

Congrats, my friend :)

Keep it up, you're doing greeeaaat!

Jules said...

HA!!! I found it! Bottom row, eighth one from the left.

*jules pats herself on the back*

EBEZP said...

~d thank you!! Sorry but they all wanted to keep their asses looking small!!

Andy I guess in a box in an arse.
Thank you for the comments and the visits

I'm sorry about that

Sugar smacks - that is so funny and thank you.

Oh jillie wouldn't you feel like a apricot! Ta for visiting

Every nook and cranny hey becca, hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for visiting.

Jules you know I do believe you are right!! Well done!

EBEZP said...

Oh Thanks Ice, nice of you to say, it's fun! But with that sort of encouragement I doubt the next 800 will take so long!!
Thanks a lot once again