Sunday, April 29, 2007

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Jules said...

I know someone with a 3 1/2 inch floppy.

EBEZP said...

I am so sorry for you Jules!!! Thanks for sharing that with us!!

Big Pissy said...

heh heh! That last one totally cracked me up! ;-)

Lee Ann said...

haha...that is great!
I am going to have to share that one!
Have a great week AM!

~d said...


this is cute...(shame it is also TRUE...poor guys!)

EBEZP said...

I guessed that one would crack most people up big pissy.....Why?

Hi BG you are as always more than welcome. Thanks

Yeah ~d I knew you'd like that one as well, I mean I remember when I didn't know what to do with a lap top. Thanks for the visit.

jillie said...

WOW...isn't that the truth! Now...we have NO life without the computer.

Happy Monday to ya!

Ice said...

lol @ the Floppy one.

Mouse Pad was pretty cute too!

Good weekend, Simon?

Top cat said...

So true!

EBEZP said...

jillie, Ice and tc, thank you.
I trust a good weekend was had by all!