Friday, April 20, 2007

Ok then fellow bloggers I've had an idea! Someone should invent a global communication platform that is mandatory for people everywhere to have and to use.
That's my idea and that's it, no just kidding. When you want to get in touch with someone with a press of a couple of buttons you should be able to!
I've had one of those days where despite all the media available I've had a great deal of difficulty actually getting in touch with people in general it has been a real pain in the arse, not to mention the time it has taken up.

How many ways of communicating with people did you use today?

Obviously person to person and then a combination of all of these maybe, telephone, mobilephone, text, video message, E mail, web site, blog, Instant messenger, satellite link, fax, E to mobile, mobile to E mail and back again and many other ways that Im sure you can think of.

Let's pick our way through ; bluetooth, infra red, blackberry's, laptops, pc's, palm pilots, tri band, uplinks, downloads, cordless, hands free, wifi ned I go on?

Now think of how many E mail accounts you've got! No be honest with yourself there's the one at work as well that you have access to, nearly forgot that one didn't you?

I'll text you with the other phone because it's cheaper
Oh E mail me, but not on that account.....
I've got an E mail account that I only use for blogging/work/dates etc.
I can send E mails with my mobile phones but if you're in Uzbekistan you won't receive it.
The E mail client regrets that your device is not configured to send the E mail you have just taken an hour to write......

So this is the way the idea WILL work. One huge server to cover everybody everywhere right. But only one way to access it - telepathy would be good but let's keep it real folks! - and one form of communication!
Think of a person, tap in their personal number on your communicator, with apologies to Star trek, and type your message, press send and hey presto they receive it on their communicator!

Wow it's so simple!

Even the spam and the porn is personalised!!

I'm going to put it to the test right now and if your tv remote starts flashing then you've received a message from me!!
Needless to say this post was inpired by someone in our wonderful blogger community but I don't know how to get in touch with them to tell them it's here!!
Reality I really wouldn't have it any other way!



Jules said...


~d said...

hey yo ebezp:
I was just having a similar conversation with a gf. I have the email that comes with my server. I do not use. I have a yahoo email b/c I like yahoo chat. I do not use it for email. I have a gmail acct for family, etc. I have a gmail acct for my (blog), I have a landline with an answering machine, I have a mobile fone, with voice mail. My fone also has text and media (pic) msg capabilities. I can ALSO email from it. the husband has a mobile fone (but his is NEVER on). *AND! One of the funniest/ironic things is: I am 'known' for not answering my fone. I prefer to text. Drives th crazy. (but isn't that my job?!)

~d said...

dude, I so totally sent an (ass-long) response, and Google ate it.
1. 4 email accts, 2 active
2. gmail and yahoo chat
3. mobile fone with text and email capabilities
4. landline
5. homing pigeon
6. native American Smoke signals

tkkerouac said...

When I went to the exhibit called Burrow, it described how we seem to prefer this mode of communication rather then face to face. The internet has really changed how we interact with each other.
The upside though, is that we can communicate readily with others from different Countries.

jillie said...

You know you hit the nail on the head with this one. With all the ways there is to get in touch with some one, we are more unavailable now more than ever. What did we ever do before all of this stuff??

So that was YOU messing with my TV last night. I should have!

Hope you're having a great wknd ;o))

LillyWhite said...


Your post is right on and very timly I have been trying to get hold of Tracey all day and not been able to . Mermaid e-maided me and asked I pass the message on to TK as she is never sure witch e-mail address to use .

You say you are fond of British soaps my Cousin Tracey was on Brookside for over 15 years . her stage name was Sarah White She played a bar maid that left for a while and came back as a wealthy devoresa'

I love the freebird shot my little sister was killed @ 21 in a car accident . The song Freebird By Lenerd Skinner all ways makes me think of her .

The shot of the ferry is grate thanks for that .

EBEZP said...

Have a great weekend yourself Jules. Thanks for visiting as ever.

Hi and thanks very much for the visit ~d, was the first comment the one that was ate by google by the way?
Either way thank you for your lengthy responses. I must admit I hadn't thought of smoke signals but I will now!

Hi Tracey you are right of course but there are downsides of having too many ways of communicating arent there? Ta for the visit.

Hey Lillywhite, welcome and thank you for your comments and visit. Hey you've been looking at my profile too!
Tracey was brilliant in Brookie and she's your cousin? Wow!
I love Freebird and this photo though I say so myself is brill.
Did you also look at some of the photos of Liverpool just down a bit! I've got hundreds of the city and the ferrys any you want just E me. Come back and visit again now you hear!

EBEZP said...

Jillie I couldn't agree more, the more we have the more confusing it becomes!
Yes it was me trying out my new idea, sorry hope I didn't disturb the movie!!!

Lee Ann said...

Wow, it worked! Thanks for the message via my television remote.
Sorry that you could not reach me earlier through one of my 6 email addresses, AM! ;)

Hope you are having the most wonderful weekend.

EBEZP said...

Hey Lee Ann it worked then! Your imagination is way ahead of mine BG, thanks for the visit!