Saturday, April 28, 2007

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~d said...

Free Blow Jobs!

Ice said...

LOL... cute!

Ice said...

Have a great weekend... see ya Monday.

Big Pissy said...

heh heh!

Jules said...

LMAO!!!!! OH MY GOD! Do you think they did that on purpose? That's the BEST sign I've EVER seen!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Thanks Si! Great post!

G-Man said...

The only problem with that sign is, thats a womens place eh?
Your Apricot sign a few back was great!!
Have a good one....G

Top cat said...

I love these kind of

cathy said...

Did you happen to notice if they had a help wanted sign? LOL

jillie said...

LOL....I'm surprised there's not a line out the door!

That is too funny!!

EBEZP said...

~d, hello yeah Free! Ta for popping over.

Thanks Ice and a good weekend to you as well!

Hi big pissy glad it made you chuckle.

Jules amazing what those 3 words can do to people. Glad you enjoyed it. Have a good weekend.

Cathy I don't think they needed help if they do I'll let you know. Thanks for visiting.

Hi G thanks for the comments and the visits

Top Cat yeah so do I Always good for a laugh!

Hi jillie yeah it is a bit of a surprise isn't it. Lovely to see you btw.