Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The following quote is not mine, though it should be, it's from a wise old indian gentleman and I thank him for sharing it on his blog.

"If to win and make Real & Lasting friendship is an art, to preserve and keep those friendship is a fine art. It takes years to gain true friendship, but losing a true friend could be matter of moments. A thoughtless word or rash behaviour is enough to end a friendship that lasted years."

I guess it is also relevant in these days of mass communication, as discussed at the weekend. It may not take as long to make a real friend but it can end even quicker.
If it is relevant to you - relearn the art and make that move. E mail, text, snail mail, ring or go visit.
You might not get back the true friendship but at least you'll stay friends.



EBEZP said...

I swear there is no co relation between this post and the one below!
Non whatsoever.

tkkerouac said...

this is so true!

unfortunately, some people aren't true friends and these ones you can spare.

Top cat said...

Very wise words, this can apply to loved ones as well.

jillie said...

Friend are NOT worth keeping if they drain you. But the friends I do have, I love and adore them with all of my heart.

~d said...

You might not get back the true friendship but at least you'll stay friends.

(kind of gets the brain working a bit)

Jules said...

Love that quote - it's one of the truest things I've ever heard!

Sorry I've not been around much, lately Eb. I'm not feeling well. But I still luv ya!

EBEZP said...

Tracey I know it's true and can be terribly hurtful and maybe you can spare them but that can leave you with no one, so is a bad friend better than none? Thanks for the visit.

TC yeah and then it gets really complicated can't it? Thanks for visiting TC.

Jillie that's right but how do you prevent them from draining you? Great to see you as ever.

So right ~d it takes work and patience and tolerancebut it is worth it if you get them back. Ta for popping over.

Jules I'd rather know you were well than visiting me all the way over here! Luv u 2!