Wednesday, April 25, 2007



jillie said...

Don't they have the roller coaster on the top? I might want to go up there when I am there in June but don't think I have the balls to ride that roller coaster!

Did you ride it?

Rebecca said...

those are great....

G-Man said...

Jillie, the roller-coaster I think is on top of New York New York!

EB, you are in Vegas?

wmy said...

Now THAT is neat!!
I would love to be right up there!

Crabby said...

Yeegads! You could get a nosebleed up there.

Ice said...

Second pic from the bottom is tha best!


~d said...

There is a roller coaster on top of NY,NY. There is this arrow thing that shoots you 45' str8 into the air on top of the stratosphere! WOO! and what an amazing RIDE that is!
Feb. 1999
However in my brief research, it appears as though there ia another even more thrilling Statosphere ride.

jillie said...

Ohhh...I wasn't sure. Thanks Mr.!

Well, even if it's on top of NEW YORK, NEW YORK...I STILL won't go on it..


EBEZP said...

Hi jillie - not technically a roller coaster but 3 thrill rides up at the very top all even worse - check out ~d's insanity clip!
The other one the original at Strat is a ride in to a void just below the obs deck which both the lads 21 & 25!! went on but not me! Thanks for the visit

Hi G yes you are right about New York New York that's a proper roller coaster and yes I did go on that! You don't get the impession of height but it's fast with a capital F! Have you been on it G?
Vegas was a mega visit for us in Feb this year for my 50th! Thanks for the visit.

Thanks becca and ta for popping over.

It's fantastic up there wmy.

Guess you could crabby

Thanks Ice I couldn't believe how many palm trees there were there! ta for popping over.

~d great to see you thanks for the pic and the vid and for coming over!

That's you sorted for what you're not doing in June hey jilie!

MONA said...

I have seen a broadway show in that building!

EBEZP said...

Hello Mona nice to see you back. You ok? Isn't Vegas wonderful.