Friday, April 27, 2007


Yes they are what you think they are!
I deliberately didn't label or use a word in the title because basically I want you to see them rather than have them removed. Look at them though they are remarkable sculptures, obviously done by an anatomy student with far too much time on his hands!!

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~d said...

They might look nice on my mantle. A definite conversation piece, I would (wood!) say.

Always on the Move said...

HAHAHAHA, and WHO else has A LOT of time on their hands to be looking up such 'dirty' things??? Just Kidding yeah!!! You know Simon, I could really use some help with packing and all...wanna come over and visit and chat? I'd offer some tea, but I read you don't like any! English Tea is the ONLY kind of Tea that I ENJOY/LOVE drinking...that's it!!!
Do you want some Coca-Cola instead? Let me know and come on over....kay!!!

wmy said...

Now that is art!!

jillie said...

Well I guess you don't have to worry about splinters with those now do you....

LOL....~d...she said wood!

Sugar Smacks said...

Holy leapin' labia!

They are very cool.

My favorite restaurant in Toronto is called Joso's. The owner collects artifacts and doo-dads from around the world and displays them in the restaurant. They are all boob or vagina-themed. There is a bronzed vag with its labia pinned back, discreet yet visibly hanging on the wall.

Well, it is one of the best seafood restaurants in the city...

Anyway there ya go!

Thanks so much for the help on my blog EBEZP, and, I will be back.

Ice said...

haha... all the guys are gettin' wood.

Nice sculptures, EB!

EBEZP said...

~d now they would be a talking point on your mantlepiece but what about if they were on mine!!

Wow Kim that's the best offer I've had for a while!! Hope you've got enough Coke in for me, will you meet me at Edmonton airport at .... on Monday Ta!!!!
Lovely comment!!

Yes wmy magnificent art!

Jillie I know ~d said wood don't encourage her!! You woodn't wood you?

Sugar smacks you are so funny,welcome btw and I'm glad to be able to help.
Holy leaping

Hi Ice they're great aren't they? Maybe you know of sugar smacks fave restaurant?