Monday, April 23, 2007


I am trying to get involved with an arts project for young people involving digital cameras and how they see things through the lens. They have asked for some submissions and I thought I'd share them with you first.
Actually that's a lie! I've already submitted them but I haven't heard back from them yet. The category is called Top Stuff and the basic rule is that the pictures are taken looking up! To encourage people to look up for photo opportunities. It's a great project and it was fun taking the photos and all I have to say to all you photographers out there and there are many go out, take your camera and just occasionally - LOOK UP!


josh williams said...

I'm a photo bug, and I recognize this as sound advice!Nice Blog.

Big Pissy said...

Oh! I like the first one and the third one the best. :)

EBEZP said...

Thanks for visiting josh. So many people don't and there's a lot going on up there. Wherever up there is.

Hi big pissy thanks and I didn't have to tavel too far for either! First one round the corner from work, the third round the corner from home!