Saturday, April 14, 2007


Ok it's been quite a week one way or another and it's so cold without my mask!

I've taken on board all your comments – yes all as anyone who might have clicked the E mail me link in the What do you think of my blog may have found! That wasn't my regular e mail address! However I'm very very grateful to at least one commenter who used that link..But BTW you've always been able to E mail me direct from my profile and indeed you are still more than welcome to do so!


Ok if I'm being a little vague and mysterious but you asked for it!

The general consensus of opinion was that I should unveil the mask, which I did and the odd ones of you, maybe all of us are odd, also suggested that the name was revealed which I did oh and by the way for those who haven't yet clicked THE REAL ME, it's on the side bar over on the right at the top! It's there to stay and I may add to it! Don't expect miracles though it's taken me long enough to take my mask off.


I will be forever grateful for all your kind comments, as I am grateful for the quality and value of the friends that I have made both before and since that posting! So much so I was going to put my links in order of preference!!! Welcome to WW3!! Then maybe put the Canadians together……Shit if you haven't a bit of an understanding of my Liverpool sense of humour by now, just what are doing here?!!


Somethings though will never change! Everyone of you reading this right now has given up a bit of your precious time to be here. Comment if you wish, I would prefer it but it's not mandatory and I will always be grateful for your visit and respectful of that time that you have given. End of. It's what you all deserve.


Then no one hears from me for like ages!


Shit what's happened to Simon? See already who's EBEZP anyway?


Maybe that was a retirement post……


Oh no it wasn't!!


On top of all that I've got a brand new laptop! By Monday all things will be returned to something like super normal – all your comments will have been answered and hopefully I will be visiting all my friends.


I'm not going to keep analysing all the things that were said by all of you but it has been a great revealing kind of exercise and a bit like everyone's blog I think it's a kinda ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION type of scenario, add bits here and there if you don't like it tell me but don't expect me to necessarily do anything about it.


After all it is my blog and I will do what I want!


Meanwhile have a great weekend whatever you are up to and more importantly, THANK YOU for visiting, now, in the past and in the future.


To some of my new found E friends – bear with me a couple of days. Ta!



Crabby said...

Well shoot. I've missed all of this while I been away doing home improvements, breaking toes, and pulling neck muscles. LOL!

I must say you look much more friendly without the mask. I like it!

A new laptop? You lucky dog! You'll be mobile. Just think of the power. ARF ARF!

Pixie said...

My bloody laptop is broken :(
I have to keep switching between my husbands & his brothers PC's.

I miss it, I know where everything is in my organised mess...

Jules said...

It's good to be here! But I have to say, I don't love how I've moved down your list of people. :O(

Big Pissy said...

Yea! We got to see behind the mask! I agree with Crabby~you look much more friendly without the mask. ;-)

Congrats on the new laptop. :)

Always on the Move said...

Your name is Simon and that's the picture of you?!? I must say that I think it's ALL HOT!!!! LOL!
Just kidding, no, that doesn't sound right, I mean the just kidding part. I mean the J/K part, because you know that I've known both of those for a bit now and I've been forever greatful for it! :oD It's nice to be able to share more about yourself isn't it! I like it...I like seeing what the person looks like, you just feel closer to them!!!!
I hope all is going super well, and YES, you know I'll be back for sure!!!
No questions asked!!!!

EBEZP said...

Thank you ever so crabby that's nice of you to say. I like friendly. Haven't been over to yours for a while be over later
Take care

Hi Pixie sorry for rubbing it in I've got a new lap top but it ain't configured for this webby thing yet but then there will be no stopping me!

Hi Jules it's good to have you here as well. See what I mean though I try to be fair and you're already moaning that you've slipped down the list! It's backwards alphabetically and that's that!

Thanks big pissy means a big lot! Non stop blog now in lap top world!

Kim that means so much to me. You of all people knew that it was all going to be secret I am so pleased that you were number one and you always will be! You are special.
Thanks for all your comments and visits they keep me going though an E would be nice or is that pushing it?!

tkkerouac said...

Did it bug you when I said, wow, you've removed your mask, just wondering?

what did you think of my last family post, what is your insight,
I enjoy your insights.

~d said...

Hooray for laptops! I wish I had I could learn to USE one...HA! You said alot in this post! (how do you feel?) I only ask b/c I have been known to post and then delete. I have. And, is it bear with me or bare with me?

EBEZP said...

tk you couldn't really bug me if you tried - honestly! In fact I took it as a complement wasn't it meant that way?! Now I'm disappointed you only like me for my insights! I'll be over to yours again later on and thanks a lot Tracey, you still rock!

~d yeah it's the way forward, not fully up and running yet but when it is.....I feel really good about it actually and the delete button wasn't used that much! Lovely play on words there ~d. No comment!