Friday, April 20, 2007

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jillie said...

That's what he gets for hanging out at the the porn sites...doesn't he know well enough to wash his hands? lol

OK...I'm drunk on Jack and Simon ;o)

anonymouse said...

bad, very bad

cathy said...

peeep oOO!

Always on the Move said...

LOL....See, I also have that effect on guys and spiderman!!! LOL! Yeah for me!!!!

EBEZP said...

Oh jillie we have more fun here don't we? Who needs porn sites?
Thanks for getting drunk on me!!!!

Yeah very bad anonymouse but we can't help it can we? Thanks for the visit.

Hey cathy love the pic! Do you peep? Just a little bit! Thanks for the visit.

Oh Kim we weren't going to tell anyone that!! Ta for the visit. Nice 1

Ice said...


Oh, I've never seen that one...

I've scooped it for 'email' purposes... just to forward.

lol, funny.