Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I found this on Jules's site, who found it on Snays post you know how it is? But anyway it falls in line with what I've been thinking myself and it may be on your mind as well.

So here’s my question to you: if you had to rate yourself,
how closely does your personality which appears through your blog reflect on you?
Feel free to respond to this on your own blogs,
this is a question I’ve been wondering a great deal about lately.
Dead easy this one, I'm exactly the same IRL as I am in my blog and that's that!
Next post!
Oh but just hang on a second, there's only 5 maybe 6 people in the whole of blogland who even know my real name, but that's ok - I've got nothing to hide, it doesn't matter does it?
No what's a name anyway? EBEZP that's not even a real name it's a code, Oh that's alright then I've told them all that it's a code. I don't need to tell them what it's a code for do I? Of course not!
No one's bothered about the avatar though are they? How many people have seen a picture of the real me then, about uh 2. What in the whole of blogland. Oh no more than that, oh but the others all know me outside of blogland don't they? But I don't keep secrets everything is open and above board, they all know that.
Yes they do they all know that but what if they need the code to match up with the avatar to match the picture to match the name to know the personality. Oh to hell with it, that's only the name it's everything else that's important and that all reflects my personality to a tee. Doesn't it? So IRL I tell stupid sick rude jokes and have a pocketful all the time of crude, rude and sometimes damn offensive pictures, always have suggestive stories to hand and loads of definitions, quotes, silly phrases and intersperse it all with the odd cute pic or one or two of my own photos don't I?
Ok so I've sold out from the original hard copy for the family and the quite quaint first months with all the safe news for the family from the family, occasional mention of other friends and people of note. Nobody wanted to know any of that they want to know the real me, they want what the blog has become and it'll get better and better the more rubbish I can find to post. The blogs in the gutter and it's great and I'm proud of it. After all it's fun and it really reflects me and my personality IRL.
That's such shit!! There is no way that I am the same personality in blogland
as in real life. Blogland would fall apart if we were allowed personalities! I love
Blogland after all it makes me late for work, gets me in trouble at work and
at home, takes up all of my spare time and I get to meet some terrific people.
I treat everyone with respect and am 100% honest - that's the truth - that's
me. If people have taken the time to visit me then they deserve that! I'm kinda
lovable I think affectionate and show affection to those I like. I don't do hate at
all. I'm from Liverpool so I have to have a sense of humour and I think that often
comes across in the blog and I am strictly non judgemental and you can trust me
with a secret and if that has to mean discreet then all well and good I do that too!
I am confident without being cocky, I'm intelligent, after a fashion, and generally
fun loving with all the hopes and dreams and wishes of mostly any typical 50 year old
boring old Brit fart.
Let's not forget the other way round - the blog has made me more confident,
I've learnt a lot, specifically about myself but also about people from people.
I have made the bestest of friends who all appear to be loving it as much as I do.
I know I haven't really answered the question and have probably posed more
questions but that's what this little bit of virtual non sense is all about. The power,
yes power to do what you want to do and as long as no one gets hurt just go for it.
That is of course unless you know different, disagree, agree or just want to scream!
You may even want to E mail me and you are more than welcome to do just that!


Lee Ann said...

haha...just kidding!
I get you all the way!

Other people in blogland know your name? Other people in blogland know what you really look like?


Rebecca said...

I love your blog...It's save, funny, insightful, ( if that the correct spelling) put together nicely, colorful, witty, ...I'm just saying the same things over and over arent I...Anyway if your blog is anything like you, even a little, I think I would like you....

I am the bits I put in my blog...I think...now I have something to think about...thanks alot man..ha ha

~d said...

I am SOOO doing this! Like soo doing it. I read yours thru. Twice. And now I need to 'escape' from what you said, so I can make an honest attempt at answering it "my way".


Malnurtured Snay said...

I wish I wasn't awful at codes, I could figure it out ... or not!

Big Pissy said...

Your name is a code for a Cirque character maybe?

Whatever it is, I like your blog...it seems very natural....like it's the real you coming across.

My blog is EXACTLY how I am in real life.

Only I cuss more in real life. ;-)

~d said...

for Snay

Always on the Move said...

I loved reading your blog and I'm proud to say that I do know some of those answers and they're all awesome and cute!!!
I will be emailing you soon!!! I promise!! :oD! Within a day or two kay...I've just been super busy and all!!! lol, the endless story of my life!!!!
Hope all is going well you "boring old Brit fart"!!! LOL!!!!!

Jules said...

Huh? I think I'm lost. Eb, is that you??

Just kidding. I get you. I totally get you. It's good getting to know you! :O)

wmy said...

Being confident without being cocky is a gift!! Not many have it...good on ya! lol

btw...I am all about the power too! hahaha

tkkerouac said...

Great Post. I have pondered many of the same questions and hope to do a piece on this also.
I think you are a very social, upbeat guy and I enjoy your insights.
I regards to the thumbnail choices, I find them amusing, however, It is difficult to get to know the real person because of a thumbnail choice.
I have chosen to stick to my toweldance avatar for now as it shows the real me.
Your choice of uploads and what you discuss on the blog is also an indicator of who you are.
I think I'm a mixed bag of tricks and chose to expose my whole life in photographs and as a result, my hits have steadily risen and I feel it is mostly due to the fact that my dysfunctional life in pics is a open book. Most of the spins on things and humour is who I really am.
There are times when reading other blogs that I wish more would post photographs of their real lives. Being a visual person, I can relate to this, and, each photograph tells a story.
Hope this answers some of your questions, I would like to continue this again...OX

Ice said...

Well DUH... we love your ass... and your blog... thats why we keep comin' back!!!

I think posts say a great deal about the person... for instance... mine are usually funny, shocking and sexy... all the things I am.

Your blog really picked up since you started(or at least when I first starting visiting) the comments have grown which shows interest. Thats good. You are extremely likable... your comments and posts always make me smile :)
I love your wit and sense of humour! You rock, my friend :)

Pixie said...

Great blog, and even better you are a UKer, I dont mix with many of them nowadays ;)

jillie said...

EBEZP...where do I begin?

Well let me tell you this...I look forward to your blog EVERY day and it puts a smile on my face and even gives me a LOL!

You say what you want and I like that. It was the avatar that caught my attention on someone else's blog...just like everyone else's.

You know for an ole Brit you say you are....I love ya!