Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Well yesterday I didn't really know where my head was with one thing or another and I may not have been my usual self in blogland. Sorry! It won't happen again! It's the first day of Spring today so we are going to call it Wonderful Wednesday and I know where my head is! I may not appear to be any different but trust me when I say....I am! There are clues within the last weeks posts but I'm not saying anymore. There's people listening and watching.

Guess it's a long time since we've had a puppy pic let alone three, these puppies are from Introducing 1) Jiggs, the bulldog
2) Margay, the toy fox terrierand

3) Royal, the Siberian Husky who's my favourite and I want one!Seen here practicing baying at the moon.

While we are on the subject of puppies, I've posted this pic before but for the benefit of our new readers this big big puppy is advertising pedegree but is on the top of a building at one of Kracow's busiest cross roads. Oh yes of course I forot to mention he is inflatable and moves about quite staggeringly in the wind!

Can you believe that 11,000 people in New Mexico visited a tortilla chip that appeared to have the face of Jesus Christ burned in to it..........No neither can I.

Are you in to Thai food? Well in Bangkok there is a restaurant called.....wait for it, CABBAGES AND CONDOMS! Really inspiring wonder what's on the menu, do you think they are used or not - the cabbages I mean. I can hear you saying oh EBEZP has finally lost it! So I leave it to you to check for yourself.

Meanwhile in the Lake District a wonderful pub/restaurant called 'The Drunken Duck' which conjures up a way better image doesn't it?

You may remember a post of mine about a sex theme park some time ago, well a regular reader, the lovely Mona commented that in India there was something far more ancient and what the theme park was probably based on. Khujarao Sculptures and she told me to look it up. Very dangerous thing that because I do pay attention you know! So above is just a sample of the sculptures and from what I've seen Mona was right!

Meanwhile before I lose my grasp of reality altogether, nobody said anything about this picture, it's only here because I like it! Not the car!

Keep scrolling down for loads of real sh*t trivia, ideal for pub quizzes and the like! Honest!


Jules said...

You forgot to mention that it was a resort also... so here's the deal: you eat and then you go fuck. It's probably based on the Khujarao Sculptures. I mean, there is eating in that sculpture... and fucking...

HA! That license plate is to DIE FOR!!!

And the puppies are sooo adorable! But I'm glad you said that blow up one gets thrashed around by the weather, because at first glance, it made me really sad. I thought it was dead. And then I started to think, you sick person... but you rectified that!!! ;OP

Ice said...

LOL @ ass orgy... Geez, and the guy drives around in that... unless of course its a female?

It's a Lincoln, makes me think male. :)

jillie said...

Oh man...that plate is too funny. It took me a minute to figure it out but hey, I was having a blonde moment.

Puppies puppies everywhere...I love them!


EBEZP said...

Thanks for the visit Jules, yet another 2 places to add to your list of places to go hey!
Well he gets thrashed about in the weather because he's inflatable but I'm sure he was modelled on one resting and not dead.
The lines on the pic by the way are for the trams and not mesh over the lens or anything!

Lincoln makes me think city in England! Plate makes me think Male.

Jillie you must go to dailypuppy there's thousands there, literally!
A55 4 the plate glad you got it in the end, blondie!

Top cat said...

those puppies are so cute. I think my dog Frodo would get jealous.
cabbages and condoms..what will be next?

Aprill said...

Puppies! Those are too adorable. I keep coming back to look at them.

EBEZP said...

top cat looking at puppies seems somewhat perverted to me!

April you are welcome to come back as often as you like!

Mermaid said...

Hey Ebezp, I've been to the Drunken Duck in the Lake District LOADS of times