Wednesday, March 28, 2007


How many times here in good old Blogland have you seen or used yourself the expression, "A Lazy Blog"? Go on be honest we've all done it - no worries, it's cool, I don't want anyone to beat themselves up over it.....Foggy morning, shit at work, needed to have words with myself over some personal issues. Can't be bothered posting anything so I'll have A Lazy Blog.........Just post some of my own pics, call it quits, there's always tomorrow! Post a couple of bits below from work, live dangerously - no doubt I'll get an E about inappropriate use of the computer, after all I used the word orgasm on a local authority computer!

While I was out, having words with myself, I grabbed my camera and went to a local park. From there on in the day changed to a way better one and so this is not a lazy blog after all but more one of discovery! It will however be the only one tonight!

Isn't nature absolutely wonderful! Took some pics, ducks, squirrels, flowers instead of MILF's in the play area, after they've picked their kids from primary school -JOKE - found out the benefits of a digital camera, well this little squidger was moving about all over the place and a whole roll of film would have gone just on him, instead the recycle bin is full! Had a good walk, went for a pint of Guinness, still on the theme of nature, met the ex wife who surprisingly wasn't all the things that make her ex and to top it all GRAMBO got to see her first ever Blog!
Oh sh*t I thought as she said I'll just get my glasses - Really Mum there's no need! Too late!
Even at 50 and she at 83 it was strange seeing her reactions to some of the slightly risque posts and comments - yes you're all guilty! - but I think we got away with it! You're never too old to learn and I think GRAMBO learnt a thing or two today!
I can just imagine her tomorrow with her friend explaining all about it, her friend is a mere baby at just 81!
Oh the words with myself, yeah the answers are all out there somewhere and that's cool! How could I not be cool about it when you look at the design of a Daffodil? Now that is cool!

Just every now and then it does one good to get off the bus and watch it all go by for a bit. Count nature as a blessing and count it often.
I like my blog despite it sometimes resembling a garbage can full of other people's rubbish but for me it was good to take a step back today and have a lazy blog - there's always tomorrow!


Ice said...

LOL That squirell looks BRITISH!!!

lmao! OMG

I'm an ass, I know.

Lazy days are soooo allowed! Screw everyone if they can't understand that... None of us are 'obligated' to anyone on here ... all for fun, and if you're not feelin' fun... then do whatchugottado!

Sorry it was such a fucked up day, you're right, there's always tomorrow!

Lee Ann said...

I do it all the time! I see I am the first to admit to having a lazy blog some days! (In fact, I do it a lot).
I love these nature photos!
Just love them.
Have a great Wednesday night!

~d said...

*yes, there is always tomorrow...and tomorrow is:


Rebecca said...

cute cute cute

Retro Girl said...

Love the photos....Daffodils are my fave! :-) Sometimes we just gotta step back and take a look around...especially in the spring.

Take care!

jillie said...

You had a perfect blog today. Nothing wrong with being lazy once a while. I am guilty of charge!

Mmmm...Guinness...I prefer Harp myself. We usually have one or the other on tap in the house here. Gotta have me beer!

EBEZP said...

Ice, a British squidger as opposed to the non British one that looks like.................WTF!
LMAO as well.
Thanks for the rest, hey it's tomorrow already!

Lee ann you're so sweet. Thanks.

Hi ~d. Would you really believe that 3 months ago I'd never heard of HNT! Or the Other HNT which in some cases is better! Thanks for the visit and the time to comment!

Rebecca, hi - Let sleeping ducks lie!

Hello Retro girl, I'll have to go back and photo a whole bunch of them for you. Spring is great and stepping off the tread mill is good as well. Thanks.

Thanks jillie! Next time you've got the Guinness on tap give me a call and I'll be mind anyway. You're great!

Ice said...

EB said: "Ice, a British squidger as opposed to the non British one that looks like.................WTF!
LMAO as well."

I know!!!...thats what I meant I'm an ass about... I dont know, compared to a Canadian fuzzytail, I guess... they must wear touques that make them look Canadian or

Jules said...

These were really beautiful pictures, Eb! Thanks for posting your lazy blog post!

EBEZP said...

Ice I'm sure I do know what you mean!

Jules, that's so sweet! Thanks.

Top cat said...

Great post. I really like these nature pictures and the squirrel looks just like a fellow blogger, Lone grey squirrel.
Grambo checkin out a
Watch out, soon she be getting her own and linking you.

EBEZP said...

Oh God tc you don't think so do you! Even one of my sons says it's a real gutter! He's only 25! Grambo would be flattered if she knew that you'd commented about her! She'd love your avatar as well!