Friday, May 04, 2007


So jillie you saw fit to tag me. Gee thanks! Is that so you always know where I am?

The tag is to do with 7!
7 Habits
7 Favourite songs
& 7 More bloggy peeps to do it all again.

First of all though lets look at the word Habit fairly obvious things like always picking your nose at the same time, scratching your ass whenever you are on the way to the bathroom, always having to pull pig tails whoever they just happen to be!
Really annoying as jillie said 'anal' things that may not be habits at all but are definitely anal! These have probably got to include things to do with cigarette lighters or remotes for tvs, cd players, dvds, mobile phones, laptops, pcs etc. and things, usually, mechanical!
Strangely enough the nearest definition is probably more akin to addictive occupations! Cigarettes, drink, drugs, sex, gambling, the internet, blogging and anything that anyone just happens to be addicted to..........
Habits of course don't have to be bad they can also be good, maybe even the saying of something like "Have a nice day!"
There's at least 7 there isn't there so let's get it sorted :

My default code for anything I don't know (and boy is that a lot!) is GOOGLE! Even if I do know I'll check with Google, even when the default search engine on the comp (at work) is yahoo habitually I go to Google and of course that's what I did and found a good little bit on Wikepedia :
Habit may refer to:
Habituation, a usually simple form of learning that may take place with or without conscious attention or deliberate effort
Crystal habit, as it applies to the typical appearance of minerals
Religious habit, a distinctive dress worn by the members of a religious order
Riding habit, riding clothes worn for hunting or for exhibition
Habit (biology), the instinctive actions of animals and the natural tendencies of plants
Habit (movie), a 1997 vampire-themed psychodrama
"Habit" (song), a song by Pearl Jam


So now you know about at least 7 habits but so far only one for me!
Here's some more in no particular order and don't tell me mum that so many fall in to the addictive behaviour syndrome.

The first cigarette in the morning makes me cough like I'm gonna die, I hate it, no I really hate it, but I have been known to put very little on and go down to the shop if I haven't got any cigarettes or steal them from the worse half!

Whenever I go out for a drink, wherever it is I go the first drink just has to be Guinness, sometimes it just isn't appropriate to have Guinness but I do have to have it because it is a habit.

Better put a good one in otherwise I'm going to lose my readers....I call everyone by an endearment. I was married to a woman for 10 years and only called her by her name three times! Everyone thought she was called 'love' being from Northern England this is common, hun, babe and my favourite, kid and all the guys get Mate including a local member of Parliament and both my boys ALL the time. I have twice in my life not got a job because I'm too 'friendly' it's even worse when I try to stop!!

Not so much a habit more of a necessity - The first cigarette after sex! Oh and because sex itself can be so habitual sometimes the first two cigarettes after sex.

Oh it had to come....the remote control! Yes that's a hard one to break....Never never use the favourites button when you know were you're going, go through every channel, yes every single one. Do you do that well sorry to say that is a habit!! I do and do I get annoyed if I don't!

Guess the easiest one of all this is a couple together and yes they are all related! The Internet, Google, Bloggy things, outlook express and mobile phones! Why when there are alerts on all these things do I have to constantly check usually in order whether I've received an E mail or a text message. Oh I better check that E mail address that I haven't used for five years some one may have E mailed me. Wonder if that old moey up on the shelf has received a text message. Oh look outlook is telling me I've received an E mail must go and check it right now! BRB!!!!

Shit that was harder than it should have been but I don't want to put off the 7 I'm going to tag!!

Makes the 7 fave bits of music a lot easier.... I did say I was going to use jillie's choice and thank you jillie you said I could but I'm not going to, even though her choice could easily pass as mine.

However I'm a very moody type of person when it comes to music so this is here and now not necessarily in an hour or so.

1. AC/DC......For Those About to Rock
2. Led Zeppelin........Stairway to Heaven
3. The Who.....Naked Eye
4. U2........Sunday Bloody Sunday
5. The Beatles.......Back to the USSR
6. Guns N Roses........November Rain
7. Lynyrd Skynyrd.......Freebird

A fairly international collection although I say so myself.

Now the bit we've all been waiting for, you haven't oh well I have I am tagging the following 7 peeps to take the baton on and run the next leg.......

Lee Ann
Big Pissy
and because of the comment below......~d

Enjoy it's fun and to one and all
Have a Great Weekend..................


jillie said...

Awwww....EBEZP...thanks for playing (with me)! lol

LOVE your habit list and your song list is awesome. I love that GNR song. I have that on my iPod shuffle so now when I hear it, it can remind me of you....

I WILL have a great wknd and I hope you do too!!

Ice said...

Oooh, Thank Bloody God, I thought you were goint to tag me ;)

But even if I was tagged... doesn't mean I'd do it... its like junkie e-mail forwards... *DELETE*

Good job though ;)

I didn't know you smoked.

Ice said...

Oh, and have the pecker pic ;)

MONA said...

hmmm.habits..specially old habits die hard...
Of all the habits, I find smoking the worse!

Lee Ann said...

ok... AM!
I will work on it and get it posted.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Manny said...

I hate smoking, so why do I?

First drink while out...Wild Turkey 101 of course.

AC/DC Girls got rthym
Led Zeppin/Ramble on
The Who/Who are you
U2/Don't like them
The Beatles/Don't like them either
G N R/Patience
Lynyrd Skyrnyrd/Freebird

Happy uh Saturday.

Tina said...

Great song list!!! Have a great weekend.. :) Tina

Jules said...

I'll let you know what I've got mine done!

~d said...

I was THISCLOSE to putting a U2 tune on my list. My fav of favs is New Year's Day. Umm, cig after's been a while. I will let you (ponder?) on whether I mean the sex, or the smoke. *remote control. I can see where that can be an annoying effer. Sometimes you pick it up and you just can't put it down! SOMEtimes you WANT to pick it up...but just can't. Sometimes...aww hell, nevermind. OMIgod! Can I so totally relate to the blog, gmail, text msg thing. I am TOO glued to all of those things. SOMEtimes, I really feel like I need to take a break...sometimes.
OH! and the top where you jacked anal from jillie...I had a hard time trying to decide what of my habits are HABITS and what are routines and what are anal things. As well. I don't think that was a full sentence.

EBEZP said...

Jillie playing with you was delightful!! Thanks for tagging me it was fun. Right here right now November Rain has gone to the top of the list!! Thank you!

Ice I wouldn't tag you - we've done that conversation over at yours. Thanks for the comment!
Camel toe, smoking? It should be me that forgets things because of age, what is your excuse?! Thanks for the pic btw!

Thanks for the comments and the list manny. Yeah why do we smoke? I'll let you off not liking the Beatles because of the CSI theme! Thanks for popping over.

Mona I wish I didn't at times too. Why do I feel that I've been told off but Mona I don't mind you even do that well.

Lee Ann and Jules thanks for playing with me! We'll have fun!

Thank you Tina, thought it would be a bit oldish for you! Thanks for visiting. Alright if I link you here later on.

~d what a wonderful comment. Remote control, internet, music, smoking and sex - let me have a look at your profile, where in the world are you and when's the first flight? Thanks for the visit and the amazing comment.

Aprill said...

Ooooh fun stuff!

Top cat said...

great list of habits and song choices.
I liked your description of habits in the first paragraph.
RAWK ON dude!

Big Pissy said...

I'll work on this and get it posted this week!

It's gonna be hard to only come up with 7! ;-)

EBEZP said...

Aprill so pleased to see you Yeah it's great fun this one.

Well I think its true tc! As for the music list that was fun to do but it's probably well changed by now.

Hey big pissy I know you're busy, no worries...