Monday, May 28, 2007



At the age of 12 I was introduced to the music of The Who by my uncle. He worked for the NSPCC a charity that deals with cruelty towards children. A totally new concept had just been released - A Rock Opera.

He was using Tommy for training because of some of the nature of some of the tracks in it, all penned by Pete Townshend were specifically about abuse of children and some of the affects and causes. I loved it and quite basically have never looked back. Well to say that is a lie, yes of course I looked back to the times before Tommy to the High Numbers and others that spawned The Who to the heady years of 1964 and early performances at The Marquee in London and huge hits like Can't Explain and My Generation. Then the Tommy era and on to Quadraphenia via Who's Next - All three truly iconic albums and never off the turntables.

In everybody's collection at the time, The Who Live at Leeds even today one of the best live albums ever produced. As it was live that the Who really shone, they sold out everywhere very quickly and as the venues got bigger and bigger there was only the likes of The Who that could consistently sell them out and billed for many years as

I was fortunate enough to see them 4 times live, only once with Keith Moon as their drummer but each time it was the ultimate experience of my life - until the next time!
Did you like or maybe like me still like The Who? What did you think was so good or not about them?


MONA said...

Britain has indeed produced some great singers.I loved Spice Girls and Wham was my favourite too! Still is :)

BTWN..Your Five pictures below are fantastic!

& I was wondering where all you go to get the pictures for your other blog :D

Emma said...

Hi Wilko they where on in Hull over the weekend and all that attended said they where great, apparently they said that the live in Leeds album should have been in Hull but apparently they had mike problems....I was slightly nearer to you at the time watching rugby...perhaps in hind sight I should have gone to the concert!!xx

Michael Dingler said...

I regret to say I never saw The Who, but I did get to see the Grateful Dead perform Baba O'Riley and that was excellent

EBEZP said...

Hi Mona. Spice Girls and Wham are possibly in a different sort of league to The Who but yes they are all British and we do seem to produce from time to time really classic vocalists!
The Take 5 pics are fun to do and good to look at, thanks for the comment.
As for The Gutter Press sourcing the pics comes from everywhere but you could do worse than google blog search and put in eroticism!
Thank you for visiting.

Emma my all time fave live album is Live at Leeds and the expanded cd version that is available now is the original album and a bonus cd of encores! When it was recorded to be fair almost anywhere would have done because the sound quality is raw. The way it's supposed to be.
Sorry about the rugby result btw!

Wow michael that would have been awesome. Grateful dead fantastic band that I never saw and Baba O Riley one of the Who's finest.
What did The Who exist before CSI? Surely not!!!