Thursday, May 31, 2007


A water spout moves south of the coast of Singapore. It is created by differential pressure between the surface of the sea and the atmosphere

A golf ball lodged in a tree trunk catches the eye of a squirrel on the seventh fairway during the Hogan Pro-Am golf tournament in Texas

A boat crosses the Suez Canal in Egypt as it journeys around the world in 60 days

Actors from the Sichuan opera perform during the opening ceremony of a new festival in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province in southwest China

Toyota unveils the i-Unit, single seater car

As temperatures reached 28 degrees in Moscow, a brown bear in Moscow Zoo enjoys a refreshing water bath.

Competitors climb a giant bun tower in the annual Bun Festival at Cheung Chau island in Hong Kong


jillie said...

What great pictures. A bun tower huh? Ummm...I'm thinking I could have fun with that. Eating my way up to the top of it...hahahahahahaha!

Ice said...

Today is the 22 yr anniversary of the worst tornado on record in Canada... which just so happened to be where I live, and I just so happened to be right next to it... we were on the highway which was stopped traffic... a police man took my mom, sister and I and made us scale a fence(I was 6) to get to a Holiday Inn to shelter ourselves... the twister was hitting the houses directly behind to hotel we were in... bad bad bad.

I was so friggin scared.

Big Pissy said...

Great, great photos!

Jules said...

Single seater car? It didn't look very bug proof.

EBEZP said...

Jillie it's a bun tower love not a bum tower. Hey don't care just great to see you back!

I'm sorry Ice didn't want to stir up any bad ones for you. I did consider not posting it actually but Uncaring Brit in the house!

Thank you big pissy

Jules you will always find the quirky side won't you. Nice 1.

Top cat said...

Where do you get these?
these are AMAZING!

EBEZP said...

Hi tc these are from the web site of one of the free newspapers available in the uk. It's their effort to show that they don't just do local news - which they do.