Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I may have mentioned before but where I work is also host to the registry office where amongst the births and deaths are also weddings. Saturday saw one of many that we've seen over the years - A Bikers Wedding! The groom turned up on this Harley,
the best man on a Triumph Bonneville.
Wow! However I can't quite get my head around the white decorations on all the bikes. There were 27 bikes outside the building prior to the arrival of the bride, so what was she going to arrive in or on? What a let down in a way when a Lady Penelope type Limo arrived, wonderful colour though,
and deposited the bride in traditional wedding dress! Another let down really I was expecting maybe white leathers! However it has to be said after the ceremony the true colours of a bikers wedding came out. What do you think the bride was actually saying when this pic was being taken? **

Then to see the Limo being escorted by all the bikes leaving the square was amazing.



~d said...

On Sunday we stopped at a gas station and met a biker club. I thought I knew their name, and was looking for a link to them, but I can't be certain!
ARRGH! Anyway, I did take thing 2's pic with some of the bikers.

EBEZP said...

~d Nice one. Bikers clubs and weddings always provide the colour and character of an area don't they? Thanks for visiting

Emma said...

I am at this moment in time trying to get the image of her in white leathers out of my head....lol..xx

Andy Looney said...

I used to have a bike.

And then when I was 16 I started driving a car.

EBEZP said...

Yeah she would have looked really cool in white leathers. Or just bra and pants and a leather waist coat!! Thanks for visiting Emma.

Andy wasn't a pink limo was it?