Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Liverpool v Ac Milan in Athens tonight!!

Well later on tonight in Athens the football fans around the world will be cheering in support of either and probably Liverpool or AC. Milan! It's the champions league final and an exact replay of the 2005 final that Liverpool won.

Tonight across the UK there will be millions of fans of football, not just of Liverpool watching their tv's hoping upon hope that Liverpool can defeat the Italians to become the first team to win Euro glory 6 times!!

I'll bring you the result, a little later but meanwhile this is from Football Lens, follow the links and catch up on all that lead to tonights confrontation.

With due respect to Arsenal of last year, Porto and Monaco of 2004 and Liverpool of 2005, this is the first ‘real’ and ‘balanced’ Champions League final we have seen since the Milan - Jueventus final at Old Trafford in the 2002-2003 season.
And as balanced games go, this one is going to be hard, grinding and with few goals.

Liverpool Preview

Rafa Benitez, after a difficult start to the season, has recovered and led Liverpool to a second Champions League final in 3 years. For this alone the accusations of lucky Liverpool should fade away.
Liverpool may lack the consistency to do better than 3rd in the league but like Milan, once they were out of the title race around Christmas they battened down the hatches and focused on the Champions League while
Chelsea and Manchester United were hampered by lean squads and the pressures of chasing the league, the FA Cup and the Champions League.
In other words, Liverpool have made their European adventures count, and for that alone they’ve done far better than Chelsea,
Arsenal or Manchester United (Chelsea have 3 semi-finals in 4 years but haven’t made them count).

AC Milan preview

A lot of talk about the final will surround the 2005 matchup, but this is very different. Milan are older and wiser, and with 3 weeks to prepare themeselves they will not allow their concentration levels to drop like that again. Liverpool are also a better side, so Milan wouldn’t be able to dominate them as easily as they did in the first half in Istanbul.
Shevchenko, Milan will most probably play the same team that played against Manchester United with Maldini coming in as long as he’s fit.
Milan will find the 2007 final to be much tougher than the 2005 final - Liverpool will be on their case and after seeing the effects of sitting back for United, they’ll be sure to mix things up with Milan.


Can Milan avenge the 2005 loss? Yes.
Can Liverpool make it six times? Yes.
Will either team win their domestic league next season? Probably not.
It feels like a Milan win but it also felt like a United win on the 2nd so I’m not going with feelings the moment. The head says 1-1 at fulltime, winner in extra time.
Who?Kaka or Crouch. Your guess is as good as mine.


tkkerouac said...

Would love to attend a game to snap the audience!

cathy said...

I,m watching the match even as I type. Just for you . It sounds funny with greek commentators though.

Andy Looney said...

You know, Simon.....

When a large, dangerous object is travelling toward my face at a high rate of speed, I generally put my hands out to try to protect myself.

Sugar Smacks said...

Haa ha ha. I know nothing about these sportsman's clubs you write of.
However, ebezp, I visited "the gutter" just now. Why am I commenting here about it? I forgot where I am - in the crowded university library computer commons! Gutterizations are not very welcome face is red. Especially since I roamed around in the gutter for a good ten minutes before feeling the eyes eyeing me.
Hmmm..the flourescents seem even brighter than usual, all of a sudden.
Anyway, I think it's a good site, and will check back later when I'm at the internet cafe!

thanks then

EBEZP said...

Tracey what a good idea and if you don't like the game the crowd will always keep you occupied!

We live above a Greek restaurant and we have all the boos and cheers in greek! Now that is funny!
Thanks for commenting and thinking of me.

Andy you know you're right specially spherical objects!

EBEZP said...

Sugar smacks always nice to see you here, you don't need an excuse. So sorry if you were embarrassed!