Monday, May 07, 2007


Yes we are changing things a little here over the next week or two. Not because we have to or anything but I think that sometimes you should look at your site and see whether a change would be any good. Oh I don't want your advice, so you can forget that! It is only fair to tell you though isn't it?

So starting today every Monday will be Musical Monday! The first post is below!
Now it was going to be Masturbation Monday but would you believe, yes of course you would there is somebody that already does that. Rude giggles!! On a blog site I mean!! And I'm not sure that all of my readers would have been ready for that!
With that in mind though with the gutter readers in mind there is very shortly going to be a brand new site associated with Wilko News, Ebezp and Simon, yes all 3 of us are working madly on the as yet untitled 'gutter site'. Suggestions for names will be taken on board but not necessarily complied with. This new site will feature all of the things that I've previously sometimes been embarrassed to be associated with. But love!!!!! The rude, the crude, the sexy, the erotic, the pics, the jokes and sometimes even the words! You may have sen a lot of it before on the regular site and it may even offend you from time to time. More details soon though and of course there will be linky things to help you find and be dragged in to the gutter where you will be welcomed with the usual charm and respect.

Meanwhile back over here, yes there's Musical Monday! It's all the things that you're used to, weird stories, news reports, pictures - but more 'nice' pictures from this weird and wonderful wide webby thing and more words from me, yeah I'm sorry! More trivia and jokes more of my pics without it becoming a photo blog and more cleaner content.

One other significant change will be that there will only ever be one post on both sites over the weekend. Not for any other reason than the fact that all the time differences all add up to me missing a day!
Think about it! On average I'm 5 hours ahead of the majority of my readers 6 X 5 = 30 so you lot really owe me 6 hours so we'll call it quits!
Yeah bull shit baffles brains!!!


Aprill said...

Someone already had masturbation monday? Imagine that. I'm kind of curious to find that blog now.

I'm diggin' Musical Monday though! =)

~d said...

DAMN! I so did not make it here before jillie! How the hell am I going to know what to say!?!
*attempting to be original: Hmmm. Gutter mind?! Not I! Offended? Easily! (HAHAHA!) Sorry! Killing myself over here! Dude, stick with the whole gutter's funny!

Top cat said...


jillie said...

~d...wooohoooo I got here after she did...lmao....

I like the gutter mind, I can't help's attached to the rest of my body!


cathy said...

I'm not going to say anything about scousers:)

Damned if I can think of anything to say about the gutter blog without having a pop at scousers though. LOL

Lee Ann said... long as you are not going away AM!!!!

MONA said...

Huh? new site? what for??? It was just fine over here..all of it!
Ok you like to roam aound. Me too likes to roam around so let me go& see whattsup there!

EBEZP said...

Aprill yes they do and I'm seriously thinking of starting one off on the other site The Gutter Press - opening very soon. Thanks for the visits and the comments!

Thanks ~d if it's what you want I'll do it! Publish and be damned

Sorry tc have I confused you?

Thanks jillie you've got to get up early to get here before ~d, today at least.

Cathy be very careful!! We do know a lot about gutters and peeps that frequent them!!

Lee Ann what a lovely thing to say I'm touched!
No worse than taht there'll be 2 of me!! Thanks BG

Mona it's really expansion disguised as trying to please all the peeps all the time! Thanks for the kind words.