Tuesday, May 08, 2007


A beautiful bird the Magpie but as naughty as they come! Until I got up close to this one I would have said that they were black and white!


Sugar Smacks said...

Naughty birds always make me laugh my ass off.

I used to fall apart with giggles everytime our roosters chased me around the yard. They were so angry and you could tell they loved the chase.

Now why are magpies so bad? Are they the ones that steal other birds nests?

Well, on another note, I look forward to more Music Mondays EBEZP, it's a good idea.

Ice said...

His head is blacker then black... his beak, eyes and head are all the same!

So did ya zoom in, or were ya real close?

Cute lil' guy.

tkkerouac said...

Beautiful birdie

EBEZP said...

Hey sugar smacks, naughty birds turn me on actually!!
No magpies steal anything bright and shiny for their own nests but they are big and intimidating.
Thanks for the visit and the comments.

Ice a bit of both he was incredibly close, zoom just to fill the frame a bit. Not sur about cute? Maybe!
Thanks for the visit!

Hi Tracey, everything ok? Thanks for the visit.

Big Pissy said...

Great photos!

EBEZP said...

Thanks big pissy