Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Thanks goodness there are people out there pushing the boundaries of toilet-based racing pursuits.
The Evento Company from New Zealand has done away with the concept of the runs, with loos you can race on.
Apparently the Loo Racer is the culmination of hundreds of man hours and countless packets of soap.
There's nothing bog-standard (sorry) about these babies. Yes, motorised bathroom fixtures have truly moved on to another level folks.
From Bog-nor Regis to Loo-wis (sorry) we'll all be whizzing around on toilets soon.
Perhaps not, but Loo-Racing is a growing sport, catching on both Down Under and in America, so it might not be long before we see Silverstone host its very first Grand Pee (sorry) race.


Ice said...

Holy Crap!

jillie said...

Now that would be fun AND funny to watch!!!

Hey you have to go to my blog...I tagged you. And yes, you can thank me later...LMAO


Crabby said...

OOOOOOO! I so wanna do it!

jillie said...

Maybe my response should have been...HOLY SHIT!!! lol

Jules said...

Loo Racing!??!?! That sounds like WAY too much fun!!! I think I might look into making that a past time of mine.

Jules said...
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Top cat said...

Somehow I see Budweiser getting involved with

~d said...

Potty humor.
Jeez, I like what jillie said. Holy Shit!

CAREFUL with this pic!! I MAY have (coff-coff) gone a little overboard! BUt hey! That is what comment moderation is for, huh?!

Lee Ann said... most recent experience with the loo was not nearly as exciting! My phone took a swim in it!
That is wild....where do these races take place?

Very interesting you AM!!!!!
Have a wonderful night!

Ice said...

Very nice pic, ~d... as always ;)

Citymouse said...

LOL too cool!

EBEZP said...

Yeah Holy Crap in a crapper i say, Thanks for visiting Ice

Jillie, yeah great fun I'm guessing
You tagged me! Why?!!
Ok it's sorted! Holy shit I'll get you back jillie!!

Crabby yeah I'll go along with you on that!

Jules can In come and watch you! I can tell when you're all excited you press buttons twice!!

Bud? No surely a real shit beer tc!

~d Potty humour! lol Pic is great and present! Thank you!

At race tracks by the look lee ann, yeah sorry about your phone
thanks for the visit BG

You see ~d Ice likes it too!

Citymouse lovely to see you!