Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Meet Rufus he is a chocolate Labrador and is brought to you courtesy of The Daily Puppy and he's kinda cute, ain't he?


Ice said...

Awww!!! CUTE!

My aunt used to have a couple living in her basement apartment... they had a chocolate lab, who had puppies... cutest damn little things ever... unfortunetly they had a small get together and some coffee's were left on the floor where the people were sitting and the pups drank some... they got sick!

Cute pics!

Jules said...

Super sweet pics!!!

MONA said...

Why does he look so forlorn Simon?

Did you scold him?

Citymouse said...


EBEZP said...

Ice I thought that was going to be a really nice story but it's sad I'm glad you like the pics, they're so cute chocolate labs aren't they?

Jules Choccy labs probably think your cute too.

Mona I would never do that.

Says it all Citymouse. Thanks

Emma said...

Aw....want one.....xx

Always on the Move said...

Simon....will you send me one of those please??!?! LOL!
I used to live with a chocolate lab and I always babysit him, b/c he's my all time favorite dog ever!!! They're just the cutest doggies ever....don't you agree!!!!

Hey, when are you coming over to visit me on facebook? Miss you bunches!

EBEZP said...

Emma I'm having difficulty getting his paws in my in box but I'll keep trying!

Kim do you think he'll get on with all the other dogs I've sent you?
As with Emma if I can fit his paws in I will!
Miss you too Kim. I'll be over to see you one day soon but can you arrange for me to have another couple of hours in every day!

Always on the Move said...

Hey Simon....I'm actually not showing up here that often anymore, as you can see, but Facebook is now my bestest new friend. We can write to each other on our "walls", or just email each other on there, where no one can see it. It's neat, and I've been spending a lot time over there, when ever I have access to a puter, you see! I promise to spend more time with you.... :oD