Sunday, May 13, 2007


Ok so according to stats I officially have more visitors from the North American continent so it goes without saying that I want to wish all the mums that visit here a very happy Mothers Day on the day that they celebrate it!
By the way if you want to see what was poted on March 18 which was Mum's Day in the UK just click here to be reminded!

For the alternative pics for Mother's Day. Click here.


Citymouse said...

Thank you!

~d said...

(from a North American reader...Thank you for the (well) wishes!)

~d said...


Lee Ann said...

Those look like wonderful mother's day gifts!
You are so thoughtful AM!

Manny said...

According to my stats, I have more visitors from Michigan then anywhere else. That's funny because I'm a Buckeye and they are all Wolverines. We are rivals in college football.

Sorry I've been away so long.

Big Pissy said...

Thank you!

Lovely gifts! ;-)

EBEZP said...

Oh wow look at these crackers all together!!
Citymouse, ~d, Lee Ann and Manny thanks for visiting and you're all welcome to the pressies whether you're entitled or not - just for visiting!

EBEZP said...

And while I was writing that we were joined by big pissy. My pleasure Hope you had a great day.