Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Well what do you think about a hotel that advertises that all the rooms have wifi internet connections, so you spend an age buying time with Orange and by an age waiting 20 minutes for the next page when you are trying to pay them money! Internet connection so slow that you just give up.

Go to the reception in the morning and you say the internt connection is very slow. "Oh you want a wifi connection it doesn't say that on the reservation." Because it didn't ask! "I can let you have a wifi room if you want, but it won't be ready until later on, it's only wifi at the back of the building!"

Ok so you all know I'm in Paris this week at Disney, because I love Disney and my son works there! Before last nights arseyness internet wise I thought I was being really clever I took pics of signs and stuff showing where I was but they really are quite boring pics and frankly I don't do boring.

So you will have to wait and see them another time when I can't be bothered working on a post!

It's Disney and it's my son Matt and all magical things that is Disney!! Basically I watched him at work, he loves it that's because he's very rarely himself!!
More like a advert for Top Gun! Tom Cruise ish? The guy reflected taking the picture I mean!! Not a good pic but it just gets me that a) My camera was in his face and b) Matt's working his ____ off behind him as a stilt walking, jumping vulture and he couldn't give a damn!!

Finally I get to see my son after a long hard day (for him) at the office!!

There are other Disney pics on the photoblog, as you can imagine! Word of warning if you don't like Disney best to avoid this and the photoblog until the weekend!!
Hope to be back tomorrow but you never can tell I might have to change rooms again!!
Anyway I've never filled my 2gb card with pics before so where else can I put them!!
If you like them please leave a comment and even if you don't - tell you why it's great when you are away to receive comments...greater in fact than when you are at home!
I will try to get round to you all but it may take a day or then I might be home before setting off again next week - more about that a little nearer the time!!!


Jules said...

My favorite pics is the last one... who's that handsome devil? ;OP Nice haircut Eb!

Lee Ann said...

Awesome photos! Looks like so much fun.
Thanks for sharing AM!
Have a wonderful weekend.

jillie said...

Looks like Goofey is enjoying his belly rub! Happy safe travels to you!!

Keshi said...

ur in Paris? How lucky r ya! Matt as usual is looking good :)

LOL @it's only wifi at the back of the building.

WTH does that mean! WIFI is anywhere isnt it.


Keshi said...

btw I just saw YOUR NICE SMILE!!


JLee said...

How wonderful! You must be so proud of that lad :)

justawriter said...

Love the pic of you and Goofy!!!
:) Tina

tkkerouac said...

I'm so jealous that your in Paris, you deserve it, looks like a lot of family fun!

Citymouse said...

Looks like a great time!

cheekyfaces said...

Looks like you're enjoying the break......good for you!.........Pics are terrific by the way.

Autumn Storm said...

Hey Simon, sorry I've been MIA a lot of the time. Except for internet connections, you look like you are having a wonderful time, that's certainly a nice smile you are sporting there at the end. And you met Pluto! I'm dead jealous!
Must be such a happy job to have, hard work of course, but to think of all the joyous, happy smiling faces that he has helped or directly cause/caused, must be so fulfilling, a happy job as said.
One can never see too many pictures of the Eiffel Tower, especially when one has never seen it, so feel free to post a couple of those for us too. :-D

josh williams said...

Nice, I've never been to Disney, glad your son is having fun and sounds like you are as well. Send gifts! JW

~d said...

Is that you and your son!?

Azzitizz said...

Hard work, but what a job!
Have a brilliant time.

Valyna said...

So Pluto is your son, eh?? I guess I see the family resemblance ;)

Great pics :) And I'm jealous.

A) I've always wanted to go to Paris

B) I'm a Disney nut as well. Not only do I have every movie... I have a lovely tattoo of Mickey on my hip as well ;) I'd love to take another trip to Disney World one of these days.

EBEZP said...

Jules the hansome one is Pluto, you noticed the hair cut impressive stuff.

Hey thank you BG, it's Yellow Brick Road time Disney and then Athens!!

Thank you jillie! Pluto though!!

Keshi hello! Yeah I always thought so and anyway I did get a connection but it was so slow!
Thanks for the nice things about both me and the lad!!

Jlee thanks oh yes very but I don't tell him he gets all big headed and I get all emotional!!

Tina, naughty girl - jillie does not need any encouragement!

Tracey thank you certainly fun but hectic and I get the feeling it's going to get more of both!!

Hi citymouse - how are you? Yeah having a great fun time thanks!

Thanks a lot cheekyfaces!!

Oh Autumn Storm thank you for your comments! Matt hasn't done Pluto in the park for quite a while and it was great that the last set was that. Some superb photo opps!!
Yeah no doubt about it having a great time!

Yes Josh Matt doubly enjoys it when he has someone specifically there for him! Oh and yes I was having fun!
Gifts yep. Pics in your comments box sometime soon ok?


~d, lovely to see you! Yes that's my thing 2 oh and me yes!

Hi Valyna a mickey tattoo - like to see that!! Oh I loved Disney before Matt worked here but this is the 7th trip to DisneyParis in 4 years! Thanks!

EBEZP said...

I knew I'd forget someone.....Sorry Azzi.
Yeah very hard work but he loves it and there's never any doubt about it he's a real performer!!
Oh I'm having fun all right!!