Saturday, September 08, 2007


Saturday morning.
Well that's it really, certainly for Disney for the moment! Paris itself today and back to the UK this evening. Loads to do Sunday and Monday and first thing Tuesday off again, this time to somewhere I've not been before! Woo! Europe's most forgotten capital , Athens!!
But that's next week, this is now.
I want to thank everybody who has commented while I've been away it makes it so worthwhile taking your lap top with you and fighting networks for good internet connections and all the horrors of travelling and trying to communicate at the same time!
Ok Mickeys ears arguably one of the most globally recognised icons in the world, even the bubbles used in the parade are shaped that way!!
So some pics that sum up what Disney is all about!

Friday in the park for me was the highlight of the week. By now everybody knows against all Disney rules, I have to say, that my son Matt works there, they know some of the characters he plays and he has been pictured as such.

Once he knew I was coming over he changed his duties around so that he could play Captain Jack Sparrow. Now I know we've posted about this before and you've even seen pictures of him as Captain Jack but as a proud dad and photographer I have never seen him play him or taken any pictures myself of him!

I took an almost obscene ammount of pictures of him 4 of which are included here, the other was taken by Ross, ACC for the day (chaperone really - it means something in French!) who at the start of the day was going round looking for "Keith" The reference was of course to Keith Richards who appeared as Captain Jack's father in the Pirates of the Caribbean film!


cheekyfaces said...

Awww look at you guys! Really great pics!!

justawriter said...

Wonderful pics Si!!! That last one is awesome!!! Tina

jillie said...

Those are GREAT pictures!! Damn...he really looks like Jack...maybe Jack wants to go up the hill with Jill??


Jules said...

He looks great! And you look like such a proud dad!! Aww!

cathy said...

well your son looks like jack.
I guess you should be thankful that you don't look like keith. LOL

EBEZP said...

Cheekyfaces - thank you once again!
There are 12 guys approved to play Jack and Matt by all accounts is the best one and that came from another guy that plays him!! Following him round for a couple of hours was tremendous - he just taks over the whole of Adventureland, marvellous!

Thank you Tina, you are awesome yourself!!

Jillie new avatar, hey looking like that if Jack doesn't want to go up the hill with Jill then Keith will!
Jillie LMAO!!!

Thanks Jules and wow yes I am I don't tell him how proud though. Big heads and emotional Keiths!

Yes he is the lucky one isn't he? Wish I had his money though!!

Pauline said...

That last photo is absolutely priceless!

EBEZP said...

Thank you Pauline!