Wednesday, September 19, 2007


So ok go away enjoy yourself but be very careful, when you come back it's a certainty that you will have been tagged! It's just that type of world, so here we go the first two of four tags. First two? Yes, I must be easy prey mustn't I? Both Grace and Valyna tagged me with the same tag! Gee thanks girls and you both used to be my favourite girls around!.......And still are Hee Hee!!

So it's the 8 tag


Here are the rules:1) Post these rules before you give your facts2) List 8 random facts about yourself3) At the end of your post, choose (tag) 8 people and list their names, linking to them4) Leave a comment on their blog, letting them know they've been tagged,
First of all I'm telling you now so you may enjoy it more, your name will not be at the bottom of this post! I'm breaking the rules - it only says post the rules not keep to them!!
If you want to pick it up and do it fine, if you want to do it in my comment box, don't leave a mess but failing all that just enjoy because it's supposed to be fun, right?!

Well I am extremely right handed, I mean very right handed! I mean I do everything with my right hand. No big deal but it's random isn't it?

As a photographer it isn't usually a problem of course but recently I finished a 16 week unbroken run on The Other HNT you might not know about this site and if you are easily offended don't even go there!!! You're curious now though aren't you?

Oh not just me but some of the others also have obviously taken a picture of themselves while the other hand is doing something else!!

When I say everything, I mean just how difficult can it be to take a photo of yourself? Think about it!

Especially over the last couple of weeks and rightly so by the way I have been called a travel whore! I like the title to be honest because I am!! In the last 10 months I have been fortunate enough to visit, Kracow, Las Vegas, Paris three times and most recently Athens. That's just outside the UK btw! I love the travel as well as the destinations and I've only been back 2 days and am already looking for my next destination.....any suggestions?

However wherever I go I have to have at least one pint of Guinness! I used to insist it was draught but I now settle for bottled as well! If I go back anywhere I have to find a new place for my taste of the beautiful Irish beer!! So far I have not failed!

At the age of 40 I got a GCSE A* in Sociology and two years later at the age of 42 I got a Grade B A level in Politics. For those not in the UK that's actually quite good for my age!!
Add that to the degree that I have in Bullshit gained from the University of Life!


Another travel whore thing concerns the Hard Rock Cafe group. I have to visit and I have to buy something! Usually a tee shirt but more if I visit one with my son Matt who has a discount card!! Pictured above! The group has grown so big though I did want at one time to visit all of them but I will never do that now but as many as I can would be good! Athens threw one in on me away from the actual Hard Rock Cafe they have a Hard Rock Store which I visited also because I didn't know whether they were included! Oh I make the rules so yes they were included.


When I saw the Grand Canyon for the first time I wrote a post card and sent it to me mum that said simply one word

Amongst the jobs I've had, I've sold timeshare and been a radio presenter or a DJ!

I celebrated the incoming decade of the 90's on a jumbo jet on the tarmac at Pittsburgh Pa. without being allowed to open the duty free we all had and no alcohol allowed to be sold on the plane! However I have to say that was when you were allowed to smoke on board planes. So it wasn't all bad oh and 6 hours in to the decade, the count started on Number 8...............


I have had sex in 5 states of the USA and one province of Canada!

Which isn't bad for a Brit is it?


Crabby said...

Yeegads! You just reminded me I still haven't done Wize's tag. I'm the worst at tags. I never get them done.

We haven't been able to travel since Bob started his own business. but when we did...we found all kinds of good stuff to get into.

grace said...

Hi there! I enjoyed the rest of your pictures from Athens, interesting shoes. I'm sorry!!! No more tags!!!hehe. It was fun reading your 8's. You have good wit in your writing.
You sure are a traveller.
take care

Autumn Storm said...

That many trips, and you want more?! ..And who could blame you. :-)

Interesting answers, better yet, fun too. Must be the reason you keep getting tagged. :-D

JLee said...

Now wait a minute. You've had sex in more states than me and I live here, dammit!! haha

Valyna said...

The other HNT, huh? Curious? You bet ;)

The only Hard Rock Cafes I've been to were in Nashville, TN, someplace in Florida (Tampa, I think??) and Toronto, Canada. All I remember is their food was horribly pricey for what they were serving, but the beer was cold and I liked all the stuff on the walls :)

I'm ahead of you on the number of states in the U.S. I've had sex in, but I haven't done it in Canada yet. I've got Mexico, Jamaica and Grand Cayman under my belt though, but I have yet to cross the pond - so your neighborhood is virgin territory for me ;)

Thanks for the 8 :) You're a good sport!! (And I'm looking forward to the Gutter post... please inform me when it's up!!)

Lee Ann said...

I love the Hard Rock too!
I stayed at The Hard Rock Hotel in was waaaaay cool!
Have a great Thursday AM!
Lee Ann

~d said...

(snort) she said inform her when its up...
Sorry, the HNT thing kind of got my curiosity too!
O, I top your US states, but I went thru England to Scotland...and never had sex. Well, not with a partner.

josh williams said...

Nice work on the sex in the states, probably an ex of mine...No hard feelings so to speak. I did the tag thing and finally I found base so I am safe for awhile, you cannot be tagged while on base, rules are rules.Oh, you are not a travel whore however I coveat your travel of late, that is all...JW

EBEZP said...

Crabby sorry to remind you of a tag, some can be quite fun though!

Thanks Grace despite everything said about tags I enjoyed doing that one!!

Yeah Autumn, its itchy feet more than anything and my itchy feet are directly connected to the heart sometimes I think!!
Glad you enjoyed - me!

Hey jlee, here's what we do I'll meet you in the states that I've already 'done' I can't count them again and we'll play catch up hey!!

Hey, it's the other Tagger! Impressive score but please feel free to come and explore your virgin territory.
Hard rocks hard rock thats what I like about them!
There is a pattern emerging through my 8 though don't you think? Guinness, hard rock and sex what a fantastic combination!
How curious were you?

Yeah the post for you at the Gutter will be soon!!

Thanks Valyna.

Hi BG lovely to see you, wow I got to see the inside of one of the rooms in Las Vegas Hard Rock but not to stay.
The whole atmosphere of them just....hard rocks me!!
Need one on the Yellow Brick Road hey!
Have a good Thursday because Friday is your isn't it?!!!

Hi ~d, thanks! No not you curious as well I can't believe that!!

Well there's 2 things we could do that would improve the sex score for each of us! Well it's one really but in different places!!

Funnily enough one of them did mention you!! I didn't believe her though!!
I've got two more tags to do and then I'm joining you at base and staying there as long as I can!!

Keshi said...

whoaa so good to know more abt ya mate! :)

**I have had sex in 5 states of the USA and one province of Canada

LOL that was the BEST! U ROCK! no pun intended.


EBEZP said...

Thanks Keshi, there'a quite a few countries in Europe to be added btw but I'm working on the Southern Hemisphere - any ideas?!!

You rock yourself Keshi!

tkkerouac said...

Great post
hmm, I didn't know you were doing the other HNT!
And I can definately see you as a radio presenter,
it comes across in the way you write.

EBEZP said...

Hi Tracey at least you didn't say you were curious - I've seen your name as a commenter.
Thank you yeah that was when DJ's actually spun discs!!

Jules said...

Haha! Those were AWESOME Eb!! ;O) Thanks for sharing!

jillie said...

You ARE quite the traveler! Well, if you're able to be here by tomorrow morning, you can come to Napa Valley with us and enjoy some wine! I've YET to see the Grand Canyon. I'm only a 1/2 days drive away too. What's up with that? LOL

Bottoms up!


EBEZP said...

Jules thank you!

Jillie it's often the things that are closest that you don't get to see.
Oh if I could Jillie I would - sounds good to me!! Just have a drink for me when you're there hey?