Thursday, September 20, 2007


Ok I warned you there's another two tags that makes this one part 3 of 4! You know if I ever find out who invented these tags or memes or whatever you want to call them I will make their life hell!! Promise!!
This time from AZZITIZZ Gee thanks!!
Seems this time, you are supposed to list ten best things about the Country, State, Province, City or cardboard box you live in, then make others do the same by telling them to.

(Halewood is highlighted for no other reason than I stole the map from the Ford Motor Company! Sue me!)
Where we are actually at, on the map so to speak, even that is quite difficult! Well I'm not going to make it easy!! Merseyside is a county that in theory doesn't exist as an administrative area but is a good place to start as a geographic location! The little map shows the extent of this little corner of North West England. The penninsula is called Wirral and often wrongly as The Wirral. I live in Hoylake and work in Birkenhead. Which in itself is just a short trip by ferry, train or through one of the two road tunnels to Liverpool!

Liverpool is a fantastically vibrant globally well known city, made famous either by The Beatles and it's music or its football (soccer) club. As cities in the UK go it is the sixth largest and celebrated its 800th birthday on August 29th this year. Next year 2008 Liverpool is the European Capital of Culture and it's world famous waterfront has 3 years ago won the prize of being designated a World Heritage site by Unesco! It has two famous cathedrals, 2 famous football teams, one amazing river, The Mersey, an airport named after a dead Beatle! and it's symbol is a non existent bird!!

Wirral is one of five boroughs that make up the former county council and although is statistically far more rural that really means more empty spaces Birkenhead and it's environs grew up almost entirely on ship building although it does have the oldest building on Merseyside at it's centre.

When first given this tag I thought it would be just a question of reposting the pictures of the 800 birthday post CLICK HERE but to justify this tag I have to say that everything written above is just part of what makes me proud to be a scouser and I love them all! If you can't sort out 10 things there then we've probably all done something wrong!!
Once again folks you are lucky, I'm not tagging anyone, though I'd love to know all about where you all live and come from! Once again if you want to take the tag and run with it on your own site thats fine but it's up to you!!

Just one quick irony if it wasn't for THIS starting on Merseyside there would have been no Manchester for Azzitizz to write about and she wouldn't have tagged me!!


JLee said...

Thanks for sharing that! Personally, I come from hell, so... haha

EBEZP said...

Hell in Texas hey, jlee, I think I might still have a poem from a post card that I bought in El Paso when I was there in 1990 called Hell in Texas. I'm going to see if I can find it......

Azzitizz said...

Nice tag, very interesting, I can only own up to knowing the Beatles came from there. Wasn't that hard was it? Made you realize you are proud to come from where you come from too. Well done mate.

EBEZP said...

Thanks Azzi, one more tag to do and then I'm at base, I will do no more, that's quite a good one though isn't it? Glad you enjoyed it!

~d said...

OMIGOD! I soo didnt realize there were THIS many tags!