Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Well here I am in Athens and trying to master

Wow so far everything is just as I expected right down to the lousy internet connections which of course I was warned about.

Oh of course I'm taking pictures and of course I will post them when I can but until then this from an internet cafe will just have to do.

If only to move on from 9-11 because however terrible it was we must!

Thanks for all the comments on that post. I remember exactly where I was and if I had been at home there would have been hundreds of people down by thre river looking towards New York!
Meanwhile some archive pictures from the photoblog until I see you again!!


Crabby said...

Well, have fun and stay outa jail.
The pics are great btw.

cheekyfaces said...

Excellent pics, as usual!

Pauline said...

Glad you arrived safely, have fun.

Jules said...

Have so much fun you won't wanna go home... but then don't do that because that will make parting so difficult. Hmmm... but have a moderate amount of fun anyway, k? ((HUGS))

In Ink said...
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tkkerouac said...

OMG, is that you brave travelling man?

Autumn Storm said...

Gorgeous photographs!!!

Simon, so good to hear you're having such a fabulous time, can't wait to hear all and see all when you return. Enjoy!