Saturday, September 29, 2007


Yes sticking with signs!! A random selection from Disney.

Have a great weekend everybody and if I don't mention anything about any of the other sites then maybe curiosity may get the better of you!!


Andy Looney said...

Remember those roller skates you fastened to your shoes with a key?

And when they came loose it almost broke your ankle?

How did we survive all that suffering?

Wasn't it fun?

grace said...

Hope your weekend is going well.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, one of my favourite rides.

Lady in red said...

so you want to be stalked then do you ?

EBEZP said...

Andy yes I do remember them and they were such fun.

Hi Grace yeah and mine. Hope your having a good one too!

Hi Lady in red. MMMM! Now do I? Or was it just cos you gave the impression you wanted to stalk some one! Welcome!