Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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To all the following who have commented over the last week - Ice, Keshi, Rick (PSS), ~d, Jillie, Jules, Cheekyfaces, Grace, Tracey, Crabby, Pauline, Autumn Storm, Cathy, Valyna, Jlee, In Ink, Citymouse, Pink, Big Pissy.

Yes even to Grace and Valyna who each tagged me with the same tag...8 Random things about me.....maybe tomorrow and Azzitizz who tagged me 10 things about where I live before I went away .... maybe later in the week and although Jules hasn't told me yet! There is another one.... maybe next week

Some final genuine pictures from Athens

Not the one the Beatles played at!

Fancy a cuppa at cuppa!

Nice shoes!

Train service is not that hot!

The only way to get a taxi stand in front of it!

Yes it still moved!

Actually an ashtray!

Vespa seen better days.

Well I am a photographer!

Why? Cos Stevie Nicks wore it, that's why?

Glad to see good old English graffitti is alive and well in Athens!


Autumn Storm said...

Interesting bunch of photos :-). Always wanted me a vespa, one that looks a little better than that one, but at least as old. Enjoy your evening, xo

Pauline said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Valyna said...

I <3 Stevie Nicks and vulgar grafitti :)

No probs on getting to the tag when you can - I'm a patient grasshopper :)

~d said...

I dig the Blue Monkey and the shoes!
If I wore them, they'd think I was an elf for certain.

Azzitizz said...

Hey, great pics, looks like you had a real good time. By the way, I fed and looked after tipsy while you were away.

Keshi said...

awww great great pics! TNXX!

LOL @last one!


EBEZP said...

Thanks AS more a rocker myself! Although loved the mod music just as much but your way too young.....
There's so many scooters in Athens everyone has them.

You and me<3 the same things Valyna!

The shoes are worn by te guardsmen outside the palace and they are all strapping men ~d.

Hey thanks azzi, you know I forgot all about him but I knew someone would stepp in to the breach. Thanks.

Hey Keshi, thanks!!

Ice said...

Oh, no you didn't just tag me!!!

EBEZP said...

No Ice I didn't and I'm not going to, unless of course you want to be tagged!!

JLee said...

I wanna go! I haven't been anywhere fun. boo hoo!

EBEZP said...

But jlee you have, some of the places you live around are exciting to someone who hasn't been there!

tkkerouac said...

fun post!

EBEZP said...

Yeah you have to have one from time to time don't you?

Jules said...

Great pics and oh, BTW, you've been tagged... what IS your middle name anyway, you little smartass! ;OP

EBEZP said...

Oh thanks for finally getting round to telling me!!
I'm doing it later today so you won't have too long to wait!! Why don't you think it's Beelzebub?!

~d said...


*some dude followed me thru Os's and snaked my pic from (myspace) and has me as 'featured commenter'.
*it is kind of (weird).
But I thought if I put it out in the open...you know, then he couldnt get (too weird).

*don't ASK me why I wanted to explain.
Don't ask b/c I want to offer...I am (a wife and a mom) and I LIKE these roles in my life. And I want you to know I am OK. And happy. And (pleased) to have your friendship.
No worries for (dpef) . Just delete this if you want to.

EBEZP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EBEZP said...

~d your friendship means a lot to me, thanks, there was no need one last code at yours that you can delete!

You know me though ~d, no deletion here - no secrets.

Take care!!