Saturday, September 22, 2007



Apparently our middles say a lot about us! So I'm told when I was tagged yet again, this one is all about middle names! I was tagged by Jules Gee thanks and I thought you were my friend!!

RULES: You must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog-post containing your own middle name and the rules of the game. At the end of your blog-post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

I actually said to Jules that my middle name was Beelzebub! She didn't believe me and neither should you because it's not true. Maybe I should let you all guess, that would be far more fun for me!

OK if you get the feeling that I am reluctant to do this you'd probably be right!
Ok my middle name is M A R K funny thing is that when I was a radio presenter I actually changed my name and Mark became my first name, now that was based on the age old adage of not tripping over with your tongue on your own name and frankly Simon Wilkinson had far too many syllables so while I was DJing I was Mark Simons!
Kind of a loose link I must admit but it'll have to do!

M is for music! Note I said Music not Musical! I can not make Music at all ok, Matt my youngest son once tried to teach me how to play the guitar, that lasted about 15 minutes. I didn't see how or why I had to learn all the notes and how to play them I just wanted to play like Jimmy Page instantly! Start with Stairway to Heaven and work backwards!! Both the lads like their mother are musical, ie they can play almost any instrument competently within a very short time, makes me sick really! Especially Matt who bought a ukelele and literally took 20 minutes to master it and sound just like George Formby - ask your mum or dad they'll know!!
I am a self confessed Boring Old Fart and a real old 'rocker' at that. I love my music but not at all convinced that anything very much since about 1995 is music at all! If you can't play air guitar and air drums to it then it's probably not particularly worth it!! Oh and I do mime exceptionally well and can adequately change from air guitar to air drums to air keyboard and back again!!
Ironically enough or so it would seem M is also for memories and where would we be without Music on that score! Forgive the pun!

A for the purpose of this argument is for Adventure. As one or two of you may have gathered over the last couple of weeks in particular I am as I have been called a bit of a travel whore! I make no excuses whatsoever, in fact it suits me down to the ground! Mostly because my adventure starts when I leave my house and not when I arrive at the destination! I have been known to refer to the best parts of my travels/adventures as WOWS! A wow a day keeps boredom at bay! At important junctures of my life, I seek adventure, a break from routine, a relief from boredom. Even me mum last week when I came back from Athens breathed a sigh of relief because she deep down didn't think I'd come back! They had a book open at work about the same thing!
A tag of 8 random things about me done earlier in the week lists a few things that tie in to adventure or adrenalin. Read it again if you wish from an adventure view point you'll see what I mean!
Coast to coast of the USA on a Greyhound bus, seeing the Grand Canyon, yes and even having sex with different people in different states or countries, going to Las Vegas to see five shows by Cirque du Soleil all smack of the Spirit of Adventure! So do you wonder why peeps often think I might not be back!!
Oh and don't dare me to do anything - but that's another story!

R.....Romantic, Randy, Roman Catholic, Reckless, Random, Risky, Risque, Rocker!

Kin as in family and their importance. It was going to be kind and I'm not saying I'm not kind but my blood family are important to me! Very important! There isn't anything that I wouldn't do for my lads - 22 and 26 - and me mum. The very fact that mum was almost surprised that I came back from Athens really indicates that she knows that she is really the only reason I came back!! I pride myself in knowing where my boys are and what they are doing, more or less, wherever I am or where they are in the world! I used to have on my header to this blog incorporating because way before Google their one source of information was me. Even if it was just texting answers for a pub quiz to them!!

So that's all your getting about my middle!!
Now once again I am not tagging anyone but let me know your middle name or tell me about your middle if you like! Or we could talk about music, adventure all the R's and family if you want.

Because a refusal often offends please everybody accept the fact that I am at base and I will do no more tags for a good while OK?! Thanks!!


Jules said...

Very nice post, Eb!! Ummm... Randy - that's the word I MEANT to use instead of that one that starts with "D" and ends in "Y" just between you and me!! LOL ;O)

Autumn Storm said...

You are so good at them though, which has to be why people tag you. Across America on a Greyhound, love that, you must have a million stories to tell.
Have a great Sunday!

EBEZP said...

Jules, the guilty Tagger!!
Oh I can live with that J! Couldn't live with Daisy for too long though!!

I guess you are right and thank you AS, they come out bit by bit the stories don't they, maybe always in tags!!
Good Sunday yourself!!

cheekyfaces said...

Well I don't have a middle name, I was a mistake lol so am probably lucky to have a first name!!...Great post as usual and I agree that you must have a million stories to tell.

EBEZP said...

Which of course like Autumn Storm we don't even know your name!!
Thanks cheekyfaces but you never get a chance to tell them because there's more stories to live and relate.....

Emma said...

I have a middle name but most of you know it as my post might try this one myself Si....xx

~d said...

A fun, fun read! You put so much into your answers! No wonder you get tagged.

Keshi said...

Musical Adventrous Romantic Kinster? :):) cool!


EBEZP said...

Emma, so for future reference do we tag your first name then?

Thanks ~d but for the moment enough is enough - really! They all get bigger too don't they I remember when the random things one was 5 then 7(!) and now 8.

Oh Keshi that's you as well isn't it but your middle name isn't Mark?

JLee said...

Man, you're getting tagged left and right! Are you sore? haha
Mark Simons...has a nice ring to it...

EBEZP said...

Hi jlee, you know if I was ever feeling down, I don't get down just occasionally need my enthusiasm for life topping up, but if I was you don't know what a boost it would be to me to see your avatar!!
Oh yeah, tagged......very sore yes!!
Better ring than Simon Wilkinson hey? Yeah that's why I changed it!

Emma said...

Ooo no that's only available to a select few like yourself.....xx wouldn't want to blow my cover now would I?

EBEZP said...

Wow I'm a select few! Thanks E!