Friday, September 21, 2007


It was one of those know the type, you've been away, you really want to be in the sunnier climes were you were earlier the same week....the QE2 was visiting Liverpool for the last time ever. Get up early she's arriving between 7 and 8....time to take some beautiful shots with the rising sun, a little bit of enthusiasm returns.

Look out of the window and it's raining like you've never seen before, well yes you have but not for a long time and the alleged sunrise has well missed your part of the country. It's a grey day in every sense, the train is late and the Queen is early!

Wanted a pic before she berthed, oh she looks ok but no money shot!

Walk the short way up to work absolutely soaked, miserable depressed don't want to be there, check E mails on the steam driven comp at work, the new love who is travelling hasn't E mailed oh wow it's going to be one of the worst ever.

Work doesn't get any better the rain continues but to be fair it does get a bit brighter so at lunch time I brave the soaked pavement to go and have another look. Yeah she looks ok doesn't she but by the time you download that it won't really make up for the one earlier being so grey will it?!
Oh thank God that is over the working day more so than the rain but all of a sudden everybody seems to be smiling except the boss! She's only been in an hour or so her hair is still wet! Can I just check my E mails please? No! Gee Thanks! Friday remember and I was in early so it's POETS (Piss Off Early Tomorrows Saturday!) day for can all do one! Sod it I think I'll go home and see if there's any E mails for me. Has she E mailed? Oh I hope so! I've got tons of pics of the bloody ship anyway!

Mind you the sun is shining now I guess I've really got to go down and have another look.

Wow she looks better than ever! Amazing take her from there and there oh and over there, bloody hell I might even be able to sell these pics they are amazing, bloody hell I'm going to stay down here, don't need to go home for anything, doesn't matter if she hasn't E mailed there's always tomorrow, QE2 will not be back, not ever, not here.

Get home finished work until tomorrow because it isn't ever really POETS day for me because I work weekends! Sun still shining hey let's put those pics on the computer, straight away, I'll probably do a post tonight, just with some of those later pics. Tell you what while I'm sorting them out just check my E mails.....

Wow look great blog friend from Canada oh and 2 E mails from S!

Hey what a great day it's been!!


Jules said...

See, Si! You just have to wait and the day just gets better and better! I'm glad she emailed you... I'm glad I did too! :O)

EBEZP said...

Wow that's another wow for today!! My great blog friend from Canada makes a cameo appearance on the blog where she's just been mentioned!
Now I am happy!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photies - Especially second to last! A beauty in any port especially in the backyard of my home port!!

Autumn Storm said...

Could only look at that last one for a second before I got the distinct impression, I was about to get seasick. :-D

Simon, glad your day improved so drastically, and hope tomorrow starts off as today ended. My impression of you thus far has been that you generally like your job, and so hoping these are just post-holiday blues and before you know it, you will be right back in the swing of things.

Have a great evening!

Emma said...

Some lovely pics there Si, she was here last week too well nearly here there was some amazing photos in the paper.....and the sun was shining too...xx

EBEZP said...

Well isn't it amazing that my son can comment anonymously but nobody else can!!
Hi Tim thanks but you confuse me 'back yard of my home port' why not just home port or Liverpool?!

Hi Autumn, lovely words as ever, thank you. The job yeah I do enjoy it but we are so under resourced that staff morale etc is so low they even ran a book as to whether I would come back!!
There is probably more reason now though to stay and earn the money for my next trip as things settle a bit on the personal and 'new friend' level!
Just Google mapped her home town, Malmo and it's really close to your hunting ground isn't it? Didn't have a clue where it was, thank god for google!!
Sorry about the seasicknes!!

Emma hi, she's beautiful isn't she? I think it's a bit of a shame that she is being retired but at least she's not being retired!!

Lee Ann said...

Beautiful ship!
Glad it was such a wonderful day for you.

Thank you so much for the happy birthday wish!
Have a great weekend!
Lee Ann

JLee said...

I like the rainy pic! Have a great weekend! (I have to work weekend!)

EBEZP said...

I think my day got a bit better when I knew it was your birthday, you know what an inspiration a gorgeous woman is to me BG!!
Thank you have a good weekend yourself <3

....and talking about gorgeous women, Hi jlee! I,m well used to working weekends but we can still moan and play for sympathy can't we? <3

Autumn Storm said...

Not so long ago, we would have practically been neighbours. I'll tell you this much, making full use of the autobahn and leaving while the motorways here are yet unblocked, you could drive there in less that 20 hours.

EBEZP said...

Wow yes thanks for that AS but I never consider driving as much of an option but I do note that Ryanair fly from Stansted to Malmo, won't tell her that just yet though!!
Thinking though maybe of somewhere a bit more neutral and would Copenhagen be a good alternative?

Palm Springs Savant said...

I want to take a cruise on the QM someday. The QE2 is also an amazing ship. Fun pics Simon

cheekyfaces said...

Hello, guess who's back? Fabulous pics :o)

EBEZP said...

Yeah!! Nice to see you cheekyfaces, thank you!!

Not a cruising type of person myself but I love the ships and the QE2 is some ship!!