Monday, September 24, 2007

T shirt modelling going on.....GO SEE!

The global premiere of me modelling the World Community Grid/Team Bravo T shirt is happening HERE, a brand new not just for the T shirt!!
Proper links will be up tomorrow!!


Keshi said...

well thats so neat! U look great in it too.

go team! :)


josh williams said...

If my nose worked I would say "I smell success" but my nose is on the fritz so all I can do is beans dudes (ets) JW

EBEZP said...

Thanks Keshi I said all the sites so I'm sorry but you will see it again!!

Josh thank you, I know you went over there too!Maybe didn't follow your nose but you got there!!

jillie said...

You look GREAT in your shirt. Good job!

EBEZP said...

Thanks jillie, you look pretty good in yours too!!