Tuesday, July 17, 2007



Pink said...


you rock and rule!



Keshi said...

LOL cute n funny n all! :) So Im happy ur bak in a good mood.


Autumn Storm said...

LOL, these are too, too funny. :-D

Mone said...

I like the thought for the day the best, how true!
Eigth more days till vacation, thanxs christ.

EBEZP said...

So do you Pink! Thanks

Thanks Keshi so are you! Who couldn't be in a good mood with all these beautiful people!

Can you be too funny? Morning Autumn Storm!

Oh yeah Mone, so do I. Got any plans for the hols?

Ta Girls!

jungle jane said...

ha that was awesome. i lost my funny til i came over here...thanks ebezp...(((huggs))

Crabby said...

The monkeys poster deserves the official, "Crabatude" award. Every office should have one of those hanging up.

Speaking of which, I just saw Office Space for the first time over the weekend. (thanks to The Kept Woman who recommended it) It's the funniest movie I've seen in a looong time! Have you seen that yet? I think everyone has but me.

EBEZP said...

Hey JJ I'm glad I found your funny!
I never thought of keeping mine there!!

Crabby another innovative idea! We should get together on these things and make a fortune together. I went to see Office Space and 20 minutes in to it the cinema was evacuated coz of a bomb scare!!! We got our money back and went to the pub!! But with your recommendation I will go and see it. Thanks!

Autumn Storm said...

Once the giggles become uncontrollable there is an argument for it, ;-), but I'm with you, the more toos the better.

Keshi said...

Im so glad :)


EBEZP said...

Thank you both! You have been tremendous!