Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Hang on check this out I just VOLUNTEERED to do a taggy thing........yes VOLUNTEERED!

It may pay you to remember that at the end of this piece when I don't tag you this time and I call for VOLUNTEERS!
Well I was over at Castle of Nannbugg where Lee Ann lives and she just did this date thing where you have to find your birthday on Wikipedia and list three events, birthdays and a holiday that happen on that day. Because she's morbid she added three deaths, so am going to do that as well!
Ok then here we go
3 events :
1605 - First publication of Don Quixote.
1819 - Simón Bolívar proclaims the Republic of Colombia.
Now 3 births :

1927 – Eartha Kitt American actress and singer
1942 - Muhammad Ali, American boxer
1943 - Chris Montez, American singer
3 Deaths :
1369 - King Peter I of Cyprus (murdered) (b. 1328)
1861 - Lola Montez, Irish-born adventurer (b. 1821)
1977 - Gary Gilmore, American murderer (b. 1940)
January 17th is the feast day of St. Anthony and in Ancient Latvia - Zirgu Diena observed !!
So I'm not tagging anyone.....but if you'd like to volunteer just remember I did!! Next time I'm tagging those that don't volunteer this time ok?!


Lee Ann said...

You and Muhammad Ali...of course he is a bit older than you!
Thanks for volunteering. Oh and it was not my idea to add the deaths, Green (my tagger) did it first!!!!
Have a wonderful Wednesday AM!

Andy Looney said...

Don favorite song by Gordon Lightfoot.

Crabby said...

I had no idea Popeye had been around that long! See I learn something every time I come here.

Muhammad Ali....Damn I miss the old Ali boxing days. those were the best. Have you seen his life story? It was on one of the cable channels.

EBEZP said...

Hi BG - your face on my site, good for the imagination I must say!!
It's all your fault!!

I had to get my friend Google to remind me of that one Andy!!

Popeye and Muhammad Ali, both great in their own way hey??!
Yeah it was on over here as well, some life hey?

Autumn Storm said...

Sting like a butterfly, float like a bee - who could help but love Ali.
I'll do this one at some point soon. :-)
Enjoy your evening!

EBEZP said...

Hi AS. Ali what a guy! Popeye more for me though! Was that a volunteering tone there?!!

cathy said...

1918: Moscow becomes the new capital city of Russia
1946: Winston Churchill uses the term 'Iron Curtain' in a speech

1908: Rex Harrison, English actor

1953: Joseph Stalin dies

my birthday not yours, don't want to do another meme for a while but I thought I'd tell you a few whilst I was here.

loeaving again tomorrow.

EBEZP said...

Thanks cathy! You are excused any future ones from me anyway!!
March 5th Hey?

Big Pissy said...

I LOVE Chris Montez! :)

Autumn Storm said...

Sure, why not. Watch this space. :-)

Loved Pop-eye when I was a litt'lun, still couldn't make me eat spinach though.

EBEZP said...

So Let's dance BP!!

Go for it AS!

green said...

guilty as charged. I added listing 3 deaths first and folks have been following suit. Trend setter that I am...

Keshi said...

hey Ebezp that was so sweet of u...the pic u left in my comment section. ty n HUGGGGGGGGZ!

some pretty famous ppl n happenings on ur bday there! :)

Im bak now..tnxx for being concerened abt me..ur a darlin!


EBEZP said...

Oh so it was you green, was it? No worries!!

Keshi hi, who me concerned over you, I don't think so - oh well maybe a little....

Keshi said...

heyyy u!

u'd be concerned abt me if u read my answer to ur comment in my 'From Australia with love' post.



EBEZP said...

Oh Keshi. OO Keshi. WOW KESHI!

No excuses but you are the only person that regularly comes on here from a time difference ahead of me!! Sometimes I don't have the time to read the answers to the comments!!
That's absolutely beautiful.....thank you!

The Grunt said...

The Gary Gilmore thing still isn't as spooky as if it were a shared birthday with Gary Glitter. "Wanna be in my gang?"

Hey, I'm going to add you to my sidebar soon, mate.

EBEZP said...

Hey thanks for dropping by! You're already on mine!!

I think Gary Gilmore is still mighty scary, Gary Glitter is just a sad paedophile! And all his records make me feel old! That's a crime in itself!!

JLee said...

do you float like a butterfly, sting like a bee?? haha

EBEZP said...

Oh jlee I can float but my sting is ever so sweet and gentle!!