Sunday, July 08, 2007


Live Earth day to me was always going to be the day that MADONNA was going to rock the entire world from the Wembley stage and I was not wrong!!


Here are some screen captures from Madonna's performance at Live Earth - where she performed Hey You, (written by Madonna especially for the live earth concert. Hear it by clicking HERE) Ray Of Light, La Isla Bonita (with Eugene Hutz and Sergey Ryabtsey of New York's gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello) and Hung Up.

'If you wanna save the planet, I wanna see you jump up and down!' said Madonna as she took things up a notch for 'Ray Of Light' armed with her guitar. 'Come on, motherf*ckers! Jump!'

Gogol Bordello

Thanks to for the screen shots.

Think because Madonna just oozes sex appeal from every pore she may well be on THE GUTTER PRESS as well.


Andy Looney said...

I was teaching grade five about 1984 and this kid was madly in love with Madonna.

We had a reunion last year and I asked the other guys about him. Turns out he died.

You just made me think of that.

Ice said...

I like her, I don't care what anyone says 'bout her.

I understand shes taken a particular liking to the U.K.

She even talks with an accent now! lol

Keshi said...

I like this girl's attitude! She still rocks.


tkkerouac said...

Its her attitude, even moreso then her talent, that I admire. Got to love an alpha woman.
Great post!

EBEZP said...

Sorry Andy that was not the intention.

Yeah she's the most amazing performer and probably for me the most desirable too! Not a lot to do with the accent!

Her attitude is bang on Keshi and boy does she rock!!

Tracey and she is the alpha alpha of all isn't she. Very talented as well.

jillie said...

She knows what she wants, not afraid to admit it and you have to respect someone like that. Too many people are big talkers but she talks the talk while ALSO walking the walk!

Great post today dear chap!


Andy Looney said...

It brought back good memories, Simon.

Like how this guy's Science Fair project looked like he put it on the road and let a bunch of trucks run over it.

Then when the pictures of the Science Fair came out here's one of him standing beside the best looking project.

And it was on DENSITY.