Monday, July 23, 2007


You know what, this is a strange post for me! The picture is a flyer for a play being held at the Edinburgh fringe and it's on here for two reasons.
(1) I really like the picture, good enough yeah?
(2) The production marks the directorial debut of my cousin Julia!

I really don't expect anyone extra to go and see it because it's on here, nor anyone to even comment on this post.....prove me wrong!
However the 'new edgy' me says this is my blog, I will put on it what I want and basically to hell with anyone else!
Do you think that is the right attitude, do you find that people try and influence what you post and don't post and is it right?

Mehndi Night
Only two weeks to go until the most hotly-anticipated world premiere of the 2007 Edinburgh Fringe!
Award-winning playwright Fin Kennedy's latest play from the streets of East London looks set to storm the Festival.
Venue 45, Jeffrey St, Edinburgh, 2-11 August 2007
"Eastern look with an East End attitude. We're the square pegs of the world."
Live and direct from London's Banglatown, this year's youngest Edinburgh Fringe performers will be an all-female ensemble of ten Bengali teenagers from Tower Hamlets, E1. Featuring blistering performances from a multi-talented young cast, MEHNDI NIGHT is the result of a pioneering collaboration between Fin Kennedy and the girls of Mulberry School. The result is a unique new play about the experiences of third generation Bengali women in the UK, a group all too often hidden from view. It will be performed by the girls themselves for 9 performances only at the 2007 Edinburgh Fringe. The show has already been tipped by Guardian theatre critic Lyn Gardner as one of the highlights of this year's Fringe.
MEHNDI NIGHT by Fin Kennedy and Mulberry Theatre Company
"Culture is not a pick and mix. Life is not a buffet. It is a samosa. Every ingredient in harmony with every other. Then carefully wrapped and sealed from prying eyes."
At a traditional Bangladeshi celebration the night before a wedding, the women of the community gather to sing, dance and bless the bride-to-be. But when an uninvited guest turns up bringing painful memories from the past, everyone present is forced to confront their own fears, prejudices and longings.
An extraordinary insight into a community all too often overlooked by British theatre, MEHNDI NIGHT puts third generation Bengali women centre stage and reveals the joy and the pain of a 21st century cross-cultural identity. This performance will involve transforming Venue 45 in Edinburgh into a traditional Bengali party space. Audience members will be welcomed as guests at the party, by performers in traditional dress. Every ticket will include a free samosa and cup of chai!BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT:
Venue 45
39 Jeffrey Street (off Royal Mile)
Edinburgh EH1.
BOX OFFICE: 0131 556 0476 or book online with here
All performances start 12.10pm and include free samosa and cup of chai
Previews: 2-4 August, £3.00 Run: 6-11 August, £5.00 (£4.00 concessions)


Crabby said...

A few years back I had a message board that was pretty well known. As time went on people who posted there daily started to feel like it was more of a "private" gathering place. They resented new people coming to post. Eventually they also began to try and influence or critique the things I wrote and made lots of judgments. I got e-mails asking me to delete things other people were writing. To monitor new people, check out their isp's and see where they were coming from. And then Milkmaid was accused of deliberately trying to start a fight by bringing a new person onto the board.
I was very close to the one million mark on posts and had planned a huge celebration when I hit it. But you know what....I shut the damned thing down right then. It wasn't worth it anymore.

So I guess the short answer (LOL) is yeah, I think some people will try and influence you if you allow it. But nobody has that right. Only right they have is to walk away if they don't like it.

EBEZP said...

That's a good story crabby, really. Thank you for choosing this little box for sharing it.
It's a funny place this blogland isn't it?

When I saw it was you I thought you'd be mentioning free sex! Well that'll get em talking over here won't it!!

Autumn Storm said...

Well, now I feel bad about them churches...
How, I've never heard of such a thing, how could someone directly influence someone else to post something or rather as I would presume is more often the case, not to post something. A blog, at least the type that are most common here, is a personal thing, and the whole point, at least in my book, is to have a space to say precisely what one wants and whether people like it or not, want to come back or not, is up to them - it's not about entertainment, nor is it about making friends, though that is most definitely the best part of it. Really like the picture too, and many congratulations to cousin Julia - I hope it is a great success!

EBEZP said...

Nothing to do with the churches far from it. More to do with stuff that always seems to be bubbling under at certain blogs. Blogging is a state of mind, rather than a place to be.