Sunday, July 01, 2007

JULY 2nd.

JULY 2nd is my youngest sons birthday!
In English Bingo terms he's "TWO LITTLE DUCKS" 22!

Yes Matt is the one at Disneyland Paris, so it's quite easy to lose track of what he actually looks like!

Under Disney rules as was explained last week when I was over there I can't say "This is Matt as.......... So you'll have to settle for the following approved Disney quote
"While I was at Disneyland Paris last week the
Stilt walking Vulture in the Parade,

a Green Army man in the Movies Parade

the Skating Cinema usher in the Movies parade on another day

as well as the well made up Juggler in the Parade

were all played by a young English man

whose 22nd birthday is on the 2nd of July!!

Fortunately one of his shifts he was called Matthew
and was chaperone to a group of characters and his Dad was able to take his picture!
If you want you can leave birthday wishes for him in my comments.
He'd like that!


Big Pissy said...

Wow! Matt's HOT! ;-)

Happy Birthday, Matt!!!

Andy Looney said...

Happy Birthday, Matt.

Hope you are enjoying the mademoiselles.

My younger son is also 22.

I am sure you are as great a comfort to Simon in his twilight years as my son is to me.

MERK! said...

Wow. I will be 33 on the 3rd.

~d said...

To Matt,
Happy Birthday!

Since I didn't get you a PRESENT...let me leave you this!

Keshi said...

Thats MATT? I wanna date him :)

Matt Im sending u loads of kisses on ur bday MWAHHHHHH!


Anonymous said...

If you were to look up ‘Matty’ in the dictionary, you would be astounded of words like crazy, outrageous, fun, mad, wild, mysterious, adventurous, talented and daring. This aside, you have to be nothing less than courageous, confident and brave to be able to wear different faces, many colours and as many costumes as there are days in the week!

But being able to do this whilst able to wear a smile of fun and charisma, as he stands up tall (on stilts or not), not only fills me with pride, admiration, love and laughter, but comes with it “The Big Bro’s Respect”, a phrase you won’t find in any dictionary! Happy, Happy Birthday Bro!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you Matty.
Pippagirl here couldn't you find any bigger glasses. Have a great day xxx

Autumn Storm said...

Oooh, very handsome! Happy Birthday Matt, hope you get to celebrate in style, you only turn 22 once. :-D

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is awesome!! I didnt know so many people cared! Thanks dad for putting me out there! And thanx everyone else for your comments! Rock on! Happy monday everyone!

Matt. xox (",)

jillie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!! are handsome!

Hope all your birthday wishes come true!!

EBEZP said...

Well you guys thank you all you made his day!! Bad news though the other son's birthday ( he was anonymous one! is also in July!!)

Andy Looney said...

My older son is 36 and experiencing the onset of old age.

He was out at the crack of dawn washing his Buick.

Keshi said...

haha thats cute! Happy bday to u too matey!