Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Remember the other night when I took the Sunset pics? (By the way check out just some of the pics that I took on my photoblog HERE) I was on a webcam taking the pictures and the 'anchor man' was my son in Oxford, well he's kept that webcam in his favourites and he keeps taking screen shots and sending them to me. Sad yes but fun!
Look Dad there's horses on the beach!! He's 180 miles away telling me what is on the beach literally 1/4 mile away!

So last night he sent me an E mail with this pic that said.....Spooky?

No! Not spooky at all can you see what has happened here? No. Here is a pic from the outside the web cam on the right! Does that help?
Glad we've cleared that up!!



Anonymous said...

I still thought it was spooky! Especially when the guy wasn't there one minute and then he was! He made me jump! Funnily enough though - I have always wanted to know what was in that room! lol

JLee said...

That is cool! I still want to think it's a ghostie ;)

EBEZP said...

What you were just sat there watching it refresh every 30 secs? You call me sad!!
Thnks for the comment mate...you're quite getting in to this aren't you?!

Hi jlee. You are welcome (very) Ok you think it's a ghostie if you want thats ok!
Have a look at my other two sites when you can but make sure you come back!