Thursday, July 05, 2007


It's raining so much over here these days that it made the Take Five Friday very easy! Take camera in to work, go out at lunch time, walk 50 yards, take five pictures of rain, put camera back under coat, get soaked.
The South side of Hamilton Square Birkenhead while it was raining.
Five taken all from one spot of course!!

Don't forget the brand new SI'S PHOTOBLOG PICTURE SHOW. Click HERE, pop over and see some reasonably good photos! Well there all mine!!


Mone said...

I like the reflection in nbr 3 and 4!
Jump over on my side, I've the pics up from last weekend :)

Autumn Storm said...

That's what it looks like here, except Hendon is less pretty.

EBEZP said...

Thanks Mone yeah reflections are so much easier in the rain aren't they?!

Isn't the rain terrible though I gues it gives us Brits something to talk about but it's July!!

Palm Springs Savant said...

these are terrific photos, especially the water on the steps. Nice job, as usual!

EBEZP said...

Thanks rick, so much easier when it's raining too.

melanie said...

Hey there petal :)
Thanks for visiting and leaving a lovely comment!
And..we got SUN today..granted there was a massive deluge of rain and thunder earlier on..but..the sun shines at the moment!!!!! Quick I am outside now!!!


EBEZP said...

Thanks Melanie. Don't want to keep you out of the sun though!!

tkkerouac said...

Great shots Simon
Lots of rain where you live according to mom! Hope England invented the Umbrella, must make a killing on them. ox

EBEZP said...

Thanks Tracey, yeah shed loads of rain but lots of wind too so must umbrellas can't cope!