Tuesday, July 24, 2007


First of all my greatest sympathy to all those people that are suffering because of the adverse weather conditions both in this country and round the world.
Having said that in our tiny little corner of the North West of England, the Wirral Peninsula and in particular Hoylake, it's been a glorious day!
Is this the weather channel all of a sudden?

From the webcam at the Hoylake Lifeboat Station comes this picture via my son in Oxfords PC and probably about 100,000 miles of satellite and ether coverage, of me on the phone - this afternoon!

Around about the same time as I turned round and took these two pictures!
Another screen shot from the same webcam sees me multi tasking, phone and camera together and just to the left of the picture, two labradors!

Yes you've guessed it - these two labradors!!
The next picture is of the other webcam that gives a view of Hilbre Island - it's the little silver thing on the right of the picture
This is the view that that camera takes and thats me in the middle at the bottom taking the above picture!
When I turned round this is the picture that I took of Hilbre Island!
So that's how I and now you know it was a glorious day in Hoylake!
It was great fun and a good opportunity to show off our wonderful coastline!! Now if you really got in to this you could tonight by clicking HERE watch some of the best sunsets in the entire world! It will be a good one tonight!!
Isn't technology wonderful?!
Thanks Tim and to Wirral Web Cam.


Ice said...

Labs are cute... I like Rotweilers bestest though... they're a wee bit stupidass, and immature but they're so damn cute...

New post up... :)

Autumn Storm said...

Such a nice place in which you live! Colours in that multi-tasking one are gorgeous.

EBEZP said...

I do love labs but I do tend to agree about Rotties or Grotty Rotties but they have such a bad reputation don't they? These labs on the beach were acting like they hadn't been out for months, full of energy! Probably only this morning when they were last out!!

Yeah the colours are fantastic aren't they? But the web cam has a filter on it and it's not true colour it's manufactured. The colour of the beach is better in my photos. I said to Tim when he sent me them that the beach had never looked that colour!!

Crabby said...

These are fantastic! What a cool idea. Especially since I haven't had a vacation since bob started his own business a few years back. I'm gonna link on and watch the sunset. WOOT!

EBEZP said...

Great Crabby!
Save the link in your favourites and come on to it every night if you like. You won't be disappointed I can tell you!

josh williams said...

I am home and am happy to find you still posting, thanks JW

jungle jane said...

My word it looks like you guys could do with some rain. Shall i do my rain dance for you tonight??

EBEZP said...

Glad you're back josh, we're doing fine here.

Hey JJ do your dance anyway hey!!

Rebecca said...

Just wanted to stop in to say I'm back....

EBEZP said...

Hi Becca been a while! welcome back I'll pop over to yours in a bit.